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bark_eater 06-08-19 04:44 AM

Where is a 1986 Bridgestone T700 on the "Grail Scale"
A 1986 Bridgestone T700 is for sale locally. I've got way to many projects right now, but with N+1 and all, I was wondering how the T700 compares to the other high end Japanese cantilever touring bikes? I'd like to have switching to 700c wheels be practical option. I dont have any idea of the bikes condition, but if the frame is clean the ask is reasonable. Of course the same money would cover the consumables to get a couple project bikes done. First world problems in the ghetto of my soul..

bikemig 06-08-19 06:02 AM

Switching from 27 inch to 700c with cantilevers can be a pain. A lot of cantilevers don't have the proper adjustment to drop down and the posts on old bikes are narrower than on modern bikes so you will be limited when looking for replacements.

Vintage touring bikes tend to command a premium. Bridgestones command a premium as well. I think the "classic" Bridgestones are from the early 90s (RB 1, XO series, etc) but sellers nearly always want a premium for Bridgestones regardless of the year.

This is a nice bike but it's not I think a "grail" touring bike and it's not a "grail" Bridgestone like say an XO 1, RB 1, MB 1.

dailycommute 06-08-19 06:46 AM

The 1985 and 1986 t700 is a true full on tourer. Never will have the same mythos of trek 720 or miyata 1000, but having seen multiple mid 80s tourers I can easily say the 85/86 t700 (only years they made the true tourer) is one of the finest tourers of the era. I have raved about my 1985 t700 in other threads but it has many details that make it superior to other tourers. It does not command the same price but for keeper it is the only one I have kept over the years. The wheelset is one of the finest I have seen, the hubs are true sealed bearing and spin as smooth as my phil wood hubs. The bike is surprisingly light when not loaded and makes for great all day riding. I did upgrade stem, bars, shifters, brake levers for better more comfortable fit. The super plate rear derailliuer needs to be removed and upper wheel cleaned/lubed regularly, or if in good shape they are currently going for 70-100+- sold on ebay as still sought after for period correct rebuilds and seem to get scarcer every year. I give the 85/86 t700 9.5/10 on build quality and ride and highly recommend it for a vintage tourer of high quality.

SamSpade1941 06-08-19 08:17 AM

I know they donít sell as easily as a Trek or Miyata , and itís my opinion the cult of Bridgestone didnít sprinkle itís pixie dust on these bikes like it has on other bikes of the Petersen era.

I didnít the bike long enough to love or hate it, I simply found it to be a good bike. It was about as easy to sell as the two Canondale touring bikes though . When I sell a Trek or Miyata anything itís usually gone in a week or less. Not the case with the T700

The Golden Boy 06-08-19 04:43 PM

You can start the Bridgestone T-700 Grail charge!

That bike looks to be pretty much comparable to the 1985 Miyata 1000. Bridgestone tubing instead of Miyata tubing...

XT, 40 spoke rear, sealed bearing hubs...

Those hubs are dominant- I've got a set that came with my Voyageur SP and a set that I got on some ATB wheels- pretty sweet.

I'd like to come across a red one some day- I've always thought those were particularly handsome- even if they were before the "Grant" era.

RiddleOfSteel 06-08-19 10:54 PM

I really like Bridgestones of this era. Great paint colors, solid geometry/proportion, smart graphics/decal schemes, etc. T-700 was their top tourer, so there's no FOMO on a higher ranked touring model during the same year. I say Grail all the way. Top touring model from a well-regarded manufacturer yet outside the "ideal/golden/magic/loved years" of said manufacturer for reasons completely unrelated to the aforementioned touring model's quality or competence? Sign me up! We're C&V, we love this kind of thing. You'll have to let us know how it goes. :)

bark_eater 06-09-19 05:07 PM

Thanks for attempted intervention. The bike had one year commuter duty and was put away for for 32 years. Pictures soon.

bark_eater 06-10-19 10:03 AM

As found, catching its first raindrops in 3 decades. The bike was stored in its lowest gearing and the derailleur might need some help.

dailycommute 06-10-19 10:16 AM

Def the shimano super plate rear, not sure why it is mounted so vertical but I would remove it, check condition, then either remount more horizontal or replace. That freewheel has a 34t ring, so if you replace with vintage shimano many RDs of that timeframe max at 32, so you might need a longer b screw if using such a derailleur. The standard non super plate deerhead should work as well.....overall that bike looks mint, also it is the 85 offering fwiw.

bark_eater 06-10-19 10:24 AM

1985 it is. I'm hoping I can get the Swift 1 3/8 tires under a set of fenders.

The Golden Boy 06-10-19 03:30 PM


That looks like a super awesome bike! With the Rhode Gear panniers and bags- super score!

If I were to replace the RD- might as well with go with XT- but I'd roll with with M735, just because it pops a little more!

RiddleOfSteel 06-10-19 08:49 PM


If all the components are stock (and they look so), that Deore mountain RD should take 34T no problem--though if a B-screw exists on this generation of Deore (I don't recall seeing one as the anchor pivot was non-sprung), it may likely need winding out. Even an earlier 600 Arabesque GS/long cage RD was spec'd to handle 34T--I've done it and it works very well. The RD on this bike looks a little worse for the non-wear. :/ Maybe some Tri-Flow will help.

Just checked--34T max cog is spec'd.

RiddleOfSteel 06-10-19 08:53 PM

Originally Posted by The Golden Boy (Post 20971997)

That looks like a super awesome bike! With the Rhode Gear panniers and bags- super score!

If I were to replace the RD- might as well with go with XT- but I'd roll with with M735, just because it pops a little more!

Another vote for the M735 - they're timeless!

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