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sincos 10-24-21 12:33 AM

Originally Posted by madpogue (Post 22281033)
Near the end of a late afternoon 15-ish-mile loop, just a few feet from a busy intersection, three great blue herons probably pecking away at corn spilled between the rails from a hopper car. The whole time I was watching them, at least one had his head up standing watch while the other two pecked.
This is only about a mile from the Capitol building downtown.

Wow, those are very cool ... only, they're not herons. They're cranes, probably sandhill (a birder would know).

madpogue 10-24-21 12:50 AM

Originally Posted by sincos (Post 22281040)
Wow, those are very cool ... only, they're not herons. They're cranes, probably sandhill (a birder would know).

I think you're right; I've never seen herons with red heads like that. And I heard some cranes a couple of mornings ago.

thumpism 10-24-21 05:43 AM

Originally Posted by sincos (Post 22281040)
Wow, those are very cool ... only, they're not herons. They're cranes, probably sandhill (a birder would know).

Sandhill is correct. Looked it up 'cause I would not know offhand, but I did know they weren't GBHs. We have lots of those around.

northbend 10-24-21 09:37 AM

I met Frank down in Hood River, Oregon for a bike ride a few weeks ago.
He pulls up in a really nice old BMW. Check out the wheels. by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr
Not your run of the mill Campagnolo wheel set :-) wheels! by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

fooferdoggie 10-24-21 05:37 PM

It was raining this morning but stopped around 11. weather report showed no rain around 2. so off we go. well almost found a flat tire I had to change before leaving. a simple ride out to boring oregon and some country roads. no rain most of the ride. the wind picked up and the tress blocked it but for one gust that made us wobble. the wind started blowing and the rain came down and we had to ride about 6 miles in it. but by the time we got almost home it was over.

SJX426 10-26-21 04:37 PM on Flickr

fooferdoggie 10-29-21 08:50 PM

Visited a cool yard and love the tombstones. look close so many honored.

fooferdoggie 11-01-21 08:09 AM

got to ride to see the first fireworks on our tandem. a local amusement park was closing last night so they had fireworks. we haven or been there for many years.

bwilli88 11-07-21 02:54 AM
Bhuddist crematory
Banana plantation

fooferdoggie 11-07-21 09:37 PM

wife and I took the tandem on a 41 mile round trip. since this is portland we had rain off and on the whole ride. 5 minutes after we left we had to stop and put the rest of our ranger on. then stop to take some off then put it on again. it was 42 to 50 degrees and then back down with more rain till we got home. my gloves I forgot to dry them after the last rain ride yesterday and my hands were cold till it warmed up and I took them off. I mapped out a ride to the start of a paved trail I found. I could not see the sign in google but it starts wit ha 20% down grade. we have ridden such slopes but there were leaves on the paved path and I didn't to want to do hard braking with leaves on that steep of a slop so we walked down only a hundred yards or so. I forgot to take a pick of the sign. we rode around on a bunch of paths but they ended up on a unpacked one that turned out to be too steep with wet muddy ground so we had to turn around. it was a nice ride with lots of leaves everywhere. I love this paved path right into the water and a ben right there. I bet you can't get to the bench in feb when the river is higher. I love the new from this road we can see the hill behind our house 10 miles away. =we went down this road it seems really steep going down its about 18% grade. we have gone up it a couple of times its a good workout about 3 blocks.

northbend 11-22-21 08:02 AM

Picture from a ride years ago: bike in a tree by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

The real story about the 'bike in a tree"

curbtender 11-22-21 10:21 AM

Originally Posted by northbend (Post 22316246)

Well, I guess bikes do grow on trees.

abshipp 12-22-21 03:09 PM

northbend 12-22-21 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by curbtender (Post 22316449)
Well, I guess bikes do grow on trees.

Yes....they do! 2021 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

thumpism 12-22-21 06:34 PM

Originally Posted by northbend (Post 22348721)

Oooooo, they're all my size! Thanks, Santa.

fooferdoggie 12-24-21 12:04 PM

Portland Oregon rain and 37 degrees on Christmas eve with freezing coming next week. it was really coming down this morning and really dark.

NJgreyhead 12-24-21 08:27 PM

Salem County NJ.

bwilli88 12-25-21 07:38 AM

I do not know where to put this.

Inusuit 12-25-21 09:30 AM

NJgreyhead 12-26-21 08:58 AM

Cooper River crossing under Kings Highway, Haddonfield NJ.

Straightblock 01-14-22 12:23 AM

bear_a_bug 01-14-22 09:52 AM

Somewhere just East of Sandy, Oregon. Disconsolate philosophy for the overcast, rainy ride.

steelbikeguy 01-27-22 06:22 PM

anyone looking for a van?
I get the feeling that it runs on methane.

Steve in Peoria

curbtender 01-27-22 07:08 PM

Reminded me of my Commodore 64 days and a game called Below the Root.

abshipp 02-09-22 03:29 PM

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