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Repack Rider 08-11-19 10:08 AM

First MountainBikes publicity photos 1979
In the fall of 1979 Gary Fisher and I decided we were going to build bikes on frames supplied by Tom Ritchey, under the company name "MountainBikes." Our "inventory" was nine Ritchey frames. There was one working example of the bikes we planned to sell, Gary's personal machine. He had built a bike on a frame made by Tom a few months before, and later Tom had advanced us nine more frames, the basis for our "business decision." I was still riding my Breezer, built by Joe Breeze the previous year.

One of the first orders of business was getting some photos of the bike. Gary had a Hasselblad camera, a relic of his light show, "The Lightest Show on Earth." He wasn't sure I could use the complicated camera, but I could certainly ride the bike, so I was the model used in the publicity stills, with his bike.

Rather than post the photos here, I will link to the blog entry on All photos by Gary Fisher.

gugie 08-11-19 11:26 AM

Excellent pics and history, Charlie!

BFisher 08-11-19 12:09 PM

Really cool!

Thanks for sharing.

thook 08-11-19 12:30 PM

cotton > lycra :D

thanks for the share! love the old school atb's :thumb:

Fahrenheit531 08-11-19 01:13 PM

So cool. :thumb:

bikemig 08-11-19 01:40 PM

I enjoyed this. :thumb:

Hard to imagine but there was a time when mountain bikes were not a thing. And mountain bikes revolutionized the industry.

Nemosengineer 08-11-19 02:08 PM

This is a plug for Charlie Kelly's archive, "The Mountain Bike Legacy Project" if you have a few extra bucks please donate to preserve the early history of mountain bike's. This is a treasure, it would be a shame to lose it. Link below:

The Mountain Bike Legacy Project

: Mike

crank_addict 08-11-19 08:50 PM

Charlie, thank you again.

Also, the footage from '80 Crested Butte to Aspen is a hoot!!

The Golden Boy 08-12-19 12:03 PM

Thanks Charlie!!!

2cam16 08-12-19 05:21 PM

Awesome article,Charlie! Love the photos.

cudak888 08-12-19 06:11 PM

Great story of the day behind the pictures. Really enjoyed the read.


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