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markwesti 09-08-19 11:19 AM

Brake caliper
Can someone please tell me what brake caliper this is ?

brian3069 09-08-19 11:36 AM

Dia Compe Aero Gran Compe.

JohnDThompson 09-08-19 12:05 PM

Yes, Aero Gran Compe. They're very short reach (37-43mm) and have limited vertical adjustment for the pads, so not every frame can accommodate them. They worked well enough, but the pads are proprietary and long out of production, although I've found that Modolo pad holders will mount in the calipers and you can get replacement pads for the Modolo holders.

repechage 09-08-19 12:13 PM

I admired them when they came out.
i did buy the brake levers
the calipers would not work on my 1972 medium reach frame.
I did think a nice design- lightweight too.

brake levers on the bike shown look Modolo Aero. On of the early aero levers
a bit flexy.

markwesti 09-08-19 12:52 PM

Thanks guys , I'm fairly unfamiliar with the parts of this bike but I like it .

Chombi1 09-08-19 01:56 PM

Not sure, but the levers could be Modolo's "Orion" levers, which I think were also supplied with their Kronos brakesets.
IIRC, those had resin lever blades and be quite flexi. The resin lever bodies were also very prone to cracking. Something to watch out for, especially now they are old and could be "extra crispy"....

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