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Classtime 10-28-19 12:54 PM

Best Workshop Flooring
The 20 minutes wasted thread reminded me to start this thread.

A bearing, nut, bolt, nipple, etc. can drop, bounce and travel great distances in unknown directions. Currently, I have cement under my work stand and bench which seems to accelerate the speed and multiply the directions. I was thinking of getting some indoor outdoor carpet to slow things down some. What have you tried and stuck with.

CliffordK 10-28-19 01:14 PM

Hmm, interesting question. Nothing is organized in my work area. So, drop a nut, and it can just vanish.

I'd try choose something with a color where you can spot stuff. Solid colors?

Mom got a cushion vinyl flooring installed in her kitchen/bathroom. It is pretty impressive stuff. Sorry I don't remember the brand. But, warmer and softer than other vinyl floorings. Bearings, however, would probably roll quite well.

Oh, other floorings that they did. They converted the Greenhouse to an Office, and installed an underfloor heating system under ceramic tiles. Very nice indeed. Of course, that might not be as important in LA.

noobinsf 10-28-19 01:17 PM

I have some rubber-backed heavy duty felt mats on the floor, and I believe they have kept me from losing a screw a couple of times (literally, figuratively). They have channels in them, I suppose for a mud room or somesuch. We had them in the cat/laundry room, and once they got a little too gross, out to the garage under my work space they went.

BIGDCYCLES 10-28-19 01:28 PM

Anywhere I am going to be standing I like a cushioned mat. Anywhere else some type of durable carpeting could help with runaway parts.

Athens80 10-28-19 02:38 PM

4 ft. x 6 ft. x 3/4 in. Thick Rubber (Horse) Stall Mat @ $40

This Rubber Mat is ideal for agricultural, commercial and sporting uses. The anti-skid surface is safe and comfortable. Mats can be cut or interlocked, glued or fastened to any surface. An ideal rubber mat for horse stalls, barn flooring, gyms, garages, maintenance areas, workstations, or arena flooring.
  • 4 ft. x 6 ft. x 3/4 in.
  • Heavy-duty 100% recycled rubber
  • Insulating properties
  • Noise and vibration absorbent
  • Surface pattern may vary by location
  • May be used as gym mats

Pompiere 10-28-19 02:44 PM

I have foam mats that have the interlocking edges in my shop. I thought I might have to replace them after a few years as they tore or got shredded, but they have been in place for 14 years and still look good. My shop has a concrete floor and the foam is easier on my feet and back plus it provides some insulation from the cold.

Edit: I cut some small holes in the mats so my work stand rests on the concrete.

nlerner 10-28-19 03:53 PM

I have several rubber mats from Home Depot--this one, I believe. They're good for standing on over long periods of time and the small hole pattern is good for trapping dropped hardware.

Spaghetti Legs 10-28-19 04:06 PM

A big magnet would be best. Second best would be big fluffy pillows.

iab 10-28-19 04:20 PM

Got mine at $0.79/sq ft.. Couldn't find a better price. Things will always fall and get lost, at least I can be cheap about it.

RobbieTunes 10-29-19 05:39 AM

Originally Posted by Athens80 (Post 21184069)
4 ft. x 6 ft. x 3/4 in. Thick Rubber (Horse) Stall Mat @ $40

So many possible responses, I have so little couth..... I shall decline this opportunity to prove same.

I do appreciate the replies, as I'm setting up a pseudo-shop "elsewhere."

T-Mar 10-29-19 06:08 AM

When my former employer shut down, I got 4 pieces of 8' x 3' ergonomic matting for free. It's harder to keep clean but much easier on the old body joints, which is the highest priority these days.

The Golden Boy 10-29-19 06:41 AM

My inside work area has had a parade of carpet remnant rugs. Working on bike stuff gets greasy. At least for me. The one that's down there has been down there for at least 2 years.

J.Higgins 10-29-19 07:13 AM

I've got super-high-grade industrial mats like THESE. I bought a whole pallet loaded with them at an auction. I love them, but they are a pita sometimes. I have balance issues after a serious motorcycle wreck 10 years ago, and I hate anything underfoot. Besides that, I'm always welding and brazing, so I need to be careful of melting holes into them. After I install the new lights, I'm going to grind the concrete floor and have it epoxied. After that, I'll give the mats away. Good work boots will have enough support to cushion against the hard concrete and I won't be stumbling.

sdmc530 10-29-19 07:17 AM

I too use the interlocking rubber mats. Work fantastic IMO

DMC707 10-29-19 07:21 AM

Went from boring and cold bare concrete in my bike room and gym to a cool, more functional space with rubber backed glue down industrial carpet squares

Put it down 2 years ago and so far has withstood all the abuse you can think of being in high usage rooms

rootboy 10-29-19 07:46 AM

Originally Posted by Athens80 (Post 21184069)
4 ft. x 6 ft. x 3/4 in. Thick Rubber (Horse) Stall Mat @ $40

This is what I have in my shop. Two of them. A bargain compared with other so-called anti fatigue mats.

mechanicmatt 10-29-19 07:54 AM

Oh I got this!
I have two 4' x 4' "cactus" anti fatigue mat. The screws and well everything else falls into the little holes in the mat. I love them but they collect all the crud, dead bugs, and nuts and bolts I drop on their. They clean with a proper spray down and a sweep underneath them. Link below for a 3' x 5' one for $25.

mechanicmatt 10-29-19 07:57 AM

Originally Posted by nlerner (Post 21184195)
I have several rubber mats from Home Depot--this one, I believe. They're good for standing on over long periods of time and the small hole pattern is good for trapping dropped hardware.

doh, you beat me to it. This model is the exact one I have, I actually have two linked together.

DrIsotope 10-29-19 08:07 AM

Another for interlocking 2' x 2' anti-fatigue mats. Check yer Costco-- when they have them in stock, a 32sq/ft package is under $20.

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