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Life After N - All But Two...

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

Life After N - All But Two...

Old 11-10-19, 05:26 AM
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Life After N - All But Two...

For a variety of reasons, I sold off all of my vintage bikes, except for two. I also sold my entire stash of vintage components, and all went to the same buyer. The two bikes I kept are my cherished Legnano and my not finished Rabeneick...

Since then, a few more bikes have come my way, none of which interest me all that much, except for the Rocky Mountain, my go to cottage bike now and probably until I can't ride anymore (could be right now as I blew my right knee out a couple of weeks ago - doc says I need a new knee)...

Rocky Mountain Cardiac...

Early seventies Bottecchia Model Special...

Pinarello Dolemite (I think)...

Bianchi something or other with Team Proctor decals...

An early seventies Atala Norstar...

A small Cannondale something or other...

In short, not one of the bikes interests me at all and all are sold or will be sold (next spring when I get back to Canada). But things have changed for me...

I no longer look for bike frames, only complete bikes. Not having a stash of vintage components seriously limits one's build options, unless one has buckets full of cash. I do not.

I find wayyyy more time and interest in riding my bikes, now, focusing, believe it or not, on my Rocky Mountain. I do miss having a collection to look at and ride but much prefer to not having a bunch of bikes to maintain, clean, protect and heaven knows what else to consume one's time.

I spend less and less time on Ebay because I do not need anything to complete my Rabeneick build, which looks like this right now. Art to be installed in the spring...

So, even though things have changed, the change seems to be for the better. And, I do still hunt but only for one bike, an old Legnano Roma, frame set or complete bike. I really like Legnano bicycles and I have owned three Grand Premio models to date, keeping this one that I still have for sentimental and practical reasons...
"98% of the bikes I buy are projects". Learn how to find, restore and maintain vintage road bicycles at... MY "TEN SPEEDS"
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Old 11-10-19, 05:40 AM
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Randy, thanks for posting your thoughts on where you are now with N - 1. Without cycling through so many bicycles, you couldn't have created "My Ten Speeds" and for that I am grateful. I've since whittled myself down to four bikes that I call my own, only one (!) of which is a steel road bike. As someone once said, "Either you own your stuff, or your stuff will own you."
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Old 11-10-19, 06:55 AM
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Sorry to read about the knee, Randy! Hard to ride a bike without em.
"If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going." -Irwin Corey
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Old 11-10-19, 08:04 AM
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Thanks for your post.
Get the physical issues improved and enjoy the rides you can do.
You are as Classic & Vintage as any on this forum. Time for refurb and ride on.
Generates a certain amount of self-reflection.

As I age and change/adapt, my latest group of bikes brings me pleasure and comfort.
The framesets are all built, only 2 to tweak this winter.
OK, some saddles need upgrades, and bars re-wrap.
My parts stash (never huge) is near zero.
Nice tires on all.
Life is good.
For now.

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Old 11-10-19, 08:31 AM
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Sorry to hear about the knee, I know that story too well. 🙁

But I think you'll enjoy riding more, that's what it's all about. 👍 And it doesn't matter how fast you go, speed is for the young whipper-snappers. 😁😉
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Old 11-10-19, 08:43 AM
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I’ve cut my stack down 50% but you are way ahead of me!
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Old 11-10-19, 11:43 AM
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I'm down to four regular riders. Would be painful to cut further, but I'm sure that time will come.
one general tip for when the exact hub cone is not readily available. discovered that the curvature of the bearing surface on the shimano 600 was a pretty good "skeleton key" for many applications. it would sometimes require a small change in ball size to make everything come out correctly.
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Old 11-10-19, 12:29 PM
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Sorry about the knee, but if by new one you mean replacements, they are really good now.....my orthopedic surgeon got his replaced so he could ski with grandkids

and what size roma?
Looking for more time to ride what I have
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Old 11-10-19, 02:26 PM
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Sorry about the knee Randy, I hope you heal up.

And thank you, I find your post inspirational, I need to do the same and for the same benefits. I want to concentrate on riding, and on getting a select few bicycles really up to snuff, instead of having about 14 that are in ridable but not beautiful condition.
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Old 11-10-19, 04:06 PM
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Hope the knee heals quickly sir and I will echo the above in that Mytenspeeds taught me allot and was very inspiring for a noob bike restorer

I got down to 4 bikes after selling 7 this summer but a very nice Allez came to me out of the blue so I am at 5. Glad you kept the Legnano one of my faves from your collection. Heal up in the Jamaican sun Mon
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Old 11-10-19, 05:00 PM
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I hurt my left knee about 1 1/2 years ago. I was very worried the injury might be permanent. After the initial trauma subsided, I started to ride my bike. I took it easy at first. I grew stronger over time and now my knee is back to 100%. I am certain it was only thru the physical therapy of cycling did I recover.

Keep at least one bike, forever. Ride it. Enjoy it!

I have only two bikes. One's a road racer that's very precious to me. The other is used occasionally for my short commute to work. That's it, but it is still two - one more than necessary.
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Old 11-10-19, 09:09 PM
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I’m on the same page as Randy (minus the knee thing - get that fixed and healed up). Because of my tendency to get too wrapped up in my hobbies, I have limited myself to three bikes, two of which get 99% of my miles. The Raleigh 3-speed only comes out for occasional errands or British-style rides. I have a “modern” 2005 CX bike for gravel and general riding and a vintage bike for road riding. Right now, the vintage bike is a 1980 Miyata Pro with an 8-speed D-A group. I’ll be swapping the D-A kit over to a 1987 Centurion Ironman (Miami Vice) this winter. Then, the Miyata Pro frame will have to find a new home. I also have a ‘74 Raleigh International frame that I’m slowly building up that might replace the 3-speed. But I agree with the sentiment that having fewer bikes translates into more riding time.

Again, good luck with the knee!
Some days, it's not even worth gnawing through the restraints.
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