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jbchybridrider 07-13-20 06:31 AM

vascoboy 07-15-20 12:05 AM

My stabe...

velojym 07-15-20 08:32 PM

polymorphself 07-16-20 12:15 AM

polymorphself 07-16-20 12:50 AM

What's this bike? Also, are you on Flickr? I feel like I may have seen this photo there.

merziac 07-16-20 01:05 AM

billnuke1 07-16-20 04:22 AM


Originally Posted by velojym (Post 21589726)

Patina overload!

Kobe 07-16-20 09:52 AM

Originally Posted by merziac (Post 21589930)

Wow, is this new or new to you? Great looking build.

merziac 07-16-20 11:40 AM

Originally Posted by Kobe (Post 21590465)
Wow, is this new or new to you? Great looking build.

:thumb: Tx!

Yep all of the above. ;)

non-fixie 07-16-20 11:55 AM

Originally Posted by polymorphself (Post 21589927)
What's this bike? Also, are you on Flickr? I feel like I may have seen this photo there.

The bike is my Union Sapporo, which I rebuilt into a poor man's Alex Singer tribute a few years ago. Here's another artsy picture of said bike. I don't think I put on Flickr, but you may have seen it on this forum before, like in the Where Did You Ride Today thread.

While I'm at it, last fall I was back in Italy again for a bit of touring and getting my calves ready for L'Eroica, and I stumbled upon a location that looked familiar. Couldn't resist another photo, this time with the Austro-Daimler Inter 10:

DQRider 07-16-20 01:12 PM


The Golden Boy 07-16-20 01:43 PM 6 14 20 by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr

botty kayer 07-19-20 11:04 AM

I saw this new street art piece in London this morning, and it reminded me of nodding off in the garden after a long bike ride and a few beers:)

MediocreMatt 07-19-20 02:14 PM

My 1993 Trek 2200 in kinda artsy photos

partyanimal 07-19-20 04:41 PM

How about just a wheel:
GW Bridge w/ NYC in the background.

TMort 07-19-20 04:58 PM

What model is this?

TMort 07-19-20 05:02 PM

Great shot!

partyanimal 07-19-20 05:18 PM

Originally Posted by TMort (Post 21596137)
What model is this?

You asking about mine? It's an MSC (Mott Street Cycles). Small boutique shop in Chinatown NYC that was around for a few years. I've had the bike for probably 7 years now and it's my favorite bike I've ever had. But I just moved out of NYC to CT where there's a lot more hills so I'm going to be getting into touring/road bikes. Still ride this one around town.

wschellen 07-19-20 10:35 PM


merziac 07-19-20 10:38 PM

Originally Posted by wschellen (Post 21596635)

:thumb: WOW!

Great shot of a great bike.

droppedandlost 07-25-20 07:45 PM

Sir_Name 08-07-20 09:13 PM

tkamd73 08-07-20 10:01 PM

xiaoman1 08-07-20 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by jbchybridrider (Post 21584520)

Great shot...lightning in a bottle!
Best, Ben​​​​​​​

botty kayer 08-09-20 05:19 AM

Two from this morning
And behold, my amazingly primitive photo editing skills are on display here, making a slight change to the original:)

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