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jiangshi 12-12-19 09:51 PM

More room on this one, at least side to side. Not so much to the seat tube. 28's not possible.

Fastest bike I own. Rarest, too.

ramzilla 12-12-19 10:27 PM
Fernandina Beach Florida

northbend 12-15-19 11:13 PM

Another still life. This time, Stu'sHands life Stu by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

maaakaaa 12-16-19 08:45 AM
Taken after riding in the holiday parade with the local bicycle advocacy group.

mdcoram 12-16-19 12:28 PM

Originally Posted by jamesdak (Post 21238940)

Beautiful photo. How's that seat post work without a clamp?

3alarmer 12-16-19 12:59 PM

In the "Delicious Baked Goods" category:

vp1337 12-16-19 01:09 PM

Vintavelo 12-16-19 01:32 PM

Photos for DD tread thread;
Phone cam; FORD RED - BIANCHI maybe?
phone cam; 1, REGINA ORO 1979 (cooktop stove)

skydog6653 12-16-19 01:45 PM
1963 Schwinn Superior
1980 Schwinn Continental
1962 Sears

Vintavelo 12-16-19 01:45 PM

Originally Posted by northbend (Post 21246668)
Another still life. This time, Stu'sHands life Stu by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

Well worn glows!

Vintavelo 12-16-19 01:51 PM

Originally Posted by Spaghetti Legs (Post 21238685)
This is one my my favorites from my old Bianchi.

Great B&W "Spaghetti Legs" dig the hub!

drbarney1 12-16-19 02:04 PM

These are all masterpieces of camera work. Bravo!

drbarney1 12-16-19 02:06 PM
Here is my entry.

jamesdak 12-16-19 02:51 PM

Originally Posted by mdcoram (Post 21247300)
Beautiful photo. How's that seat post work without a clamp?

It works like a quill stem.

Spaghetti Legs 12-16-19 03:50 PM

Found another I like
Sachs LY 92

​​​​​drbarney1. Excellent composition!

Fixit 12-16-19 03:57 PM

Originally Posted by palincss (Post 21238927)
Weigle Randonneur on the C&O Canal Towpath
Weigle Randonneur at Jones Point (Making the most of a 2mpx cell phone photo)
Weigle Randonneur - obligatory "garage door" shot
72 Schwinn Varsity. 39lbs of fun all shiny and clean!

Bill in VA 12-16-19 04:02 PM

Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 21238570)
I came across this when looking for an old pic on Flickr tonight:

I remembered how strangely ethereal the light reflecting off the paint seemed. The bright lights, reflections and sharp shadows really make the photo come alive. All on accident, of course - I have some skills, but beyond pointing and letting the camera take care of it, photography ain't one of them.

But I know lots of you are great photographers. What have you got?


When I look at this image I really know why I do not like the modern modern mantra of all black components and matte paint bikes. Yes, this is Italian classic artistry, but even a lowly Peugeot UO-8 and Fuji S-10-S bikes of the 1970's had great looking paint and elegent graphics. Higher up you had the English masters like Bob Jackson and Hetchins. Now it is all giant graphics and large component names that resemble NASCAR race cars and driver suits.

Cruiser2112 12-16-19 04:20 PM

Artsy Fartsy!
Anthony Hobbs/Flying Machine Bike Co. custom E-Cruiser

d_dutchison 12-16-19 05:13 PM

Tulio's Gift
I gave it a black frame for extra artyness

siclmn 12-16-19 05:18 PM

Not a bicycle but beautiful and fast.
My other bike.

siclmn 12-16-19 05:50 PM

Not old school so let's call it new school

curbtender 12-16-19 06:04 PM

tacreamer 12-16-19 06:40 PM

tacreamer 12-16-19 06:41 PM
Also a randonneur

agnewton 12-16-19 07:59 PM

Does the apple make it art? ('73 Fuji Sp.RR)

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