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ollo_ollo 12-31-19 09:30 AM

@Drillium Dude You just inspired me! Matthaeser pad trim paint added onto my "to do" list, and my garage floor could use a color treatment like the background of your next, if only I can figure out how you did it??? Don

Drillium Dude 12-31-19 01:46 PM

Originally Posted by ollo_ollo (Post 21264353)
@Drillium Dude ...and my garage floor could use a color treatment like the background of your next, if only I can figure out how you did it??? Don

That's colored powder left over from one of those "color runs" where groups stand along the route and dust the runners with colored powder for added fun and spectacle :)


xiaoman1 01-01-20 09:32 PM

Originally Posted by jbchybridrider (Post 21264080)
I took so many photo's of this resto before assembly I had a hard time picking the right one's.

Nice Bokeh!

jjhabbs 01-01-20 11:08 PM

nlerner 01-02-20 10:18 AM

Theonlylib 01-04-20 03:24 PM

scozim 01-04-20 04:12 PM

martl 01-08-20 04:59 PM

Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 21260554)

Loving it!

due ruote 01-08-20 09:23 PM

Kabuki12 01-09-20 04:09 AM
A couple of interesting tree varieties . The Medici on a Sycamore and the ItalVega on a Ficus.

polymorphself 01-11-20 06:09 PM

My Miyata with friends Peugeot. Not the most artsy but close enough.

Drillium Dude 01-11-20 06:52 PM

Playing with a red taillight using the strobe setting:


merziac 01-11-20 06:57 PM

Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 21280285)

Whoa, dude, Timothy Leary just called for you. ;)

botty kayer 01-12-20 04:15 AM

drbarney1 01-12-20 06:57 PM

Metallic green is my favorite color.

RandolphCarter 01-12-20 07:44 PM

noglider 01-12-20 08:13 PM

Here is my 1962 Rudge Sports.

cooperryder 01-14-20 07:55 AM
1980 Nishiki Semi Pro

cooperryder 01-14-20 07:59 AM

cooperryder 01-14-20 08:07 AM

Wildwood 01-15-20 06:29 PM

I like the lines, so I'm calling it Artsy.
it's a winner in the category of:
This Might Be a Good Turn-a-round point!!!
Is it a bit Norman Rockwell? Let me look for Effects (maybe an edit)
Is this Kansas?

velojym 01-15-20 07:34 PM

Vintavelo 01-15-20 08:25 PM

niiiiiice Schwinn!

xiaoman1 01-15-20 08:51 PM

I really enjoy this thread...lots of talent on this forum!
Best, Ben

Vintavelo 01-15-20 11:53 PM

Originally Posted by polymorphself (Post 21280243)

Middle 👍 & I like the Peugeot

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