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Drillium Dude 12-09-19 03:07 AM

Show me artsy photos of your bike
I came across this when looking for an old pic on Flickr tonight:

I remembered how strangely ethereal the light reflecting off the paint seemed. The bright lights, reflections and sharp shadows really make the photo come alive. All on accident, of course - I have some skills, but beyond pointing and letting the camera take care of it, photography ain't one of them.

But I know lots of you are great photographers. What have you got?


SJX426 12-09-19 06:35 AM

DD, your camera does a pretty good job!
This is one was a surprise. I noticed the bling after the shutter release. 00.30.48, on Flickr

What I like may not be or rarely is a great photo in others opinions.

Played around with exposure settings. I like this one of this bike. The only think I don't like is the way the stand propped up the rear wheel. Pinarello Montello 60 cm on Flickr

This may be my best shot of this bike. Colnago Superissimo, on Flickr

All my pics are taken with a point and shoot that is limited in what I can achieve, not that I am a good photographer. It's an on and off practice. Consequently, the quality suffers.

The Golden Boy 12-09-19 07:01 AM

Originally Posted by SJX426 (Post 21238663)
All my pics are taken with a point and shoot that is limited in what I can achieve, not that I am a good photographer. It's an on and off practice. Consequently, the quality suffers.

Figure most people are using phone cameras- so youíre ahead of the game.

Spaghetti Legs 12-09-19 07:19 AM

This is one my my favorites from my old Bianchi.

Spaghetti Legs 12-09-19 07:33 AM

I found a couple more that I like. Iíve always been mesmerized by the look of a detensioned wheel.

Wildwood 12-09-19 08:00 AM
i'm not sure what 'art' is, but let it rain down on my bike.

Hudson308 12-09-19 08:16 AM

tacreamer 12-09-19 09:02 AM
On the GAP & C&O

tacreamer 12-09-19 09:03 AM

tacreamer 12-09-19 09:04 AM

Dean51 12-09-19 09:19 AM

Spaghetti Legs 12-09-19 09:34 AM

@Dean51 - your Tommy is the only other one bedsides mine I've seen with the "Racing" branding on the top tube. Cool bike!

SJX426 12-09-19 09:47 AM, on Flickr 15.42.52, on Flickr 08.52.48, on Flickr, on Flickr

Wildwood 12-09-19 09:57 AM
My pot runneth over - cyclingwise ;)

palincss 12-09-19 10:15 AM
Weigle Randonneur on the C&O Canal Towpath
Weigle Randonneur at Jones Point (Making the most of a 2mpx cell phone photo)
Weigle Randonneur - obligatory "garage door" shot

jamesdak 12-09-19 10:23 AM

Deal4Fuji 12-09-19 10:56 AM

shadow play

SJX426 12-09-19 11:06 AM, on Flickr

obrentharris 12-09-19 11:18 AM

Hopefully @djkashuba will show up here. He's posted some great photos in the "Where Did You Ride" thread.

smallpox champ 12-09-19 11:19 AM

Choke 12-09-19 11:28 AM

curbtender 12-09-19 11:54 AM

Thought it was cool that the arborist left some character to the stump. Which matched well with the bike of a deceased friend.

non-fixie 12-09-19 04:07 PM

Dfrost 12-09-19 04:21 PM

Great thread, DD! There are some excellent art shots in the posts so far. Mine are nothing special, except to emphasize my favorite color.

thumpism 12-09-19 04:29 PM

Originally Posted by tacreamer (Post 21238815)

You must be Art.

OldsCOOL 12-09-19 05:36 PM

iab 12-09-19 05:43 PM by iabisdb, on Flickr

big chainring 12-09-19 05:56 PM

Dang, I should have taken pictures of my latest art installation, a banana seat duct taped to a wall.

tricky 12-09-19 05:57 PM

Originally Posted by SJX426 (Post 21238888)

I think your der. hanger is bent! :)

cb400bill 12-09-19 06:00 PM

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