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ScottRyder 01-11-20 11:09 AM is now
For the followers of the vintage Fuji line:

Since the passing of Bill Reavis and late last year I've been scrambling to find a way to continue to get history and info available for for everyone. For years I've had and that has been filling the gap.

However, to add some continuation to Bill's legacy I've change the name of my site to: Same site as before although I've started to add the Fuji catalogs a little bit at a time.

Hope this helps everyone who loves Fuji!


dmark 01-11-20 11:39 AM

Classic Fuji
...and thank you.

BFisher 01-11-20 11:54 AM

Great news! Thanks for doing this.

clubman 01-13-20 05:07 PM

[Post deleted since it’s in improper location for selling]

Welcome to the forum but you can't sell stuff without owning a very inexpensive membership and post it in the Sales thread.

agnewton 01-13-20 08:37 PM

Great to hear! Thank you Scott for sharing your passion for Fuji with us and keeping Bill's legacy alive. I've bookmarked your new site and suspect I'll be referencing it regularly. Thanks again.

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