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oneclick 02-15-20 04:41 AM

Triomphe/Victory Non DS crank - same?
I need a left-side crank arm for a Triomphe crankset - are they the same as Victory (or any other line)?

JohnDThompson 02-15-20 07:08 AM

They're functionally interchangeable, but cosmetically different. The Victory is better finished, with a satin polish. Triomphe is tumble-polished like the old Gran Sport cranks. But who can see both sides at the same time? :innocent:

SurferRosa 02-15-20 07:58 AM

The dustcap/remover threading is opposite between the two models. Triomphe is normal; Victory is reverse threading for a self-extracting bolt.

P!N20 02-17-20 04:00 AM

Put a Victory on and buy anyone who picks it a beer.

Dfrost 02-17-20 01:45 PM

Originally Posted by SurferRosa (Post 21328588)
The dustcap/remover threading is opposite between the two models. Triomphe is normal; Victory is reverse threading for a self-extracting bolt.

A very big difference, as I learned servicing a Ciöcc recently!

verktyg 02-18-20 02:54 AM

Differences between Triomphe and Victory Cranks
oneclick JohnDThompson

I have a bunch of Victory cranks and only some of them have self extracting (self loosening) crank bolts. The early ones have standard extraction threads.

1988 Bianchi Giro with self extracting bolts.

1986 Gitane Professionnel with self extracting bolts.

The Horror! The Horror! 50-35T chainrings! Standard extracting threads.

That's a 13-32T FW with 50-38T chainrings. The SR derailleur handles them! Standard extracting threads.

In the early 80's Campy was loosing the mid range components market to the Japanese (and even the French). Their component designs were holy to the racing set and performance oriented riders but had stodgy designs that went back to the early 50's and 60's.

In 1982-83 Campy introduced a complete makeover which took off like a lead balloon for a bunch of reasons but mainly because the designs were considered heretical to the Campianista loyalists (and they were overpriced).

From the top down, the C-Record gruppo was intended to replace the SR set, Victory the NR, and Triomphe the Gran Sport.

The Victory and Triomphe cranks look very similar and use the same 116mm BCD chainrings. The visual difference is in the chain ring spiders.

Victory cranks use a 109mm wide BB spindle the same as the C-Record. They are symmetrical - both ends are the same length.

The early Triomphe cranks were listed as follows:

Specification from 1984 Campagnolo Triomphe Catalogue: Triomphe Bottom Bracket Set 0112/000

Axle:- 68-SS-120 (112mm)
Axle:- 70-SS-120 (113mm)

Later spindles were listed as 114mm, 114.5mm and 115mm - the same as used with last Gran Sport BBs. Make up my mind for me!!

They are asymmetrical just like the early NR and GS spindles - the fixed cup drive side is longer.

BTW, I've measured some of those spindles and they varied by up to 1mm in length.

Campy did a lot of undocumented stuff.

Here's a NOS Victory Triple crankset that I've never seen listed anywhere. The 28T small ring is stamped 28ATB so it was probably made for off road use???

There was also a Gran Sport Touring crankset that used the same 116mm chain rings. Those rings were made with 35-36-37-38-39-40-41-42-43-50-51-52 and 53 teeth.

I know I'm going to hell for sacrilege but eventually the TRUTH will prevail!


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