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List the Top 3 Bikes You Have Owned

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

List the Top 3 Bikes You Have Owned

Old 01-10-22, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by alexihnen View Post

Trek 770

Raleigh SBDU 753

Gangl #6
Well, fast forward a bit and I have a new top 3.

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Bikes: '73 Bottecchia Giro d'Italia, '83 Colnago Superissimo, '84 Trek 610, '84 Trek 760, '88 Pinarello Veneto, '88 De Rosa Pro, '89 Pinarello Montello, '94 Burley Duet, 97 Specialized RockHopper, 2010 Langster, Tern Link D8

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So much time has gone by that it is hard to compare. I think the bike that I enjoyed the most or maybe is the most memorable for other reasons than the ride, is the UO-8 or equivalent I purchased in Frankfort Germany in 1968. I brought it back when I returned to college and this is the only picture I can find. there is another but haven't found it in the 5-6000 slides in the basement!
PBPeugeot on Flickr

The second or possibly the 1st is the latest, 1988 De Rosa Professional. I like the way it rides, hard to keep up with it as it runs away from me. I must confess that I do enjoy the modern Campy 10v drive train and it stops on a dime.
P1050321 on Flickr

There is competition for number 3. The Colnago was eye opening of how great a real race bike performs, even with this old sack on the saddle. It was a replacement for the crashed Le Champion that never fit or performed well. This was the opposite and was a great ride until it met its competition, the Pinarello Montello. The Colnago is a bit small but I can't let go of it as it is on the edge of good enough for fit and has good memories of riding around the Silicon Forst in the Beaverton OR area. It was converted to 7v block in back and a set of Campy hubed wheels replaced the Mavic 501 (still great hubs with the GL330s).
P1040500 on Flickr

The Pinarello might have more miles than the Colnago. It is a better fit and with the DA 740x group with DT index, it felt a little sacrilegious to the C&V friction values. I got use to it really quick and enjoyed its performance. It is better now with the 9v block and triple up front (Racing T stuff) with the Ergos. Brakes may have to be swapped for double pivot. it allows me to go places the De Rosa is not geared to go with the shape I am in.
P1050226 on Flickr

What is in the wings for possibly an upset is a ratty looking 1983 Trek 760 (fork is from '84). It is the lightes of the bunch, has DT indexing and feels really nice with the few rides I have had with it. The Superbe Pro stuff performs flawlessly and that includes the hidden spring single pivot calipers.
P1040796 on Flickr

No I can't count!
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Old 01-10-22, 12:04 PM
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Bikes: Was Fuji and got my grails (Pro, Pro SR, Design Series, & Ti). Now I hunt 50's and older road bikes.

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I have to give this to the bikes I truly enjoy riding, instead of some that are neat or an unlisted bike that I ride the most, due to the fact that I don't care about riding conditions when using it.

Fuji Design Series - photo is about a decade old

Rivendell Saluki - as received, but I don't recall changing anything.

Litespeed Natchez - ugly as sin, but after getting the frame for super cheap, I assembled it out of spare stuff I had stashed around. It is surprisingly comfortable and nimble. I'd like to find the next size up though.

Sadly, all of my photos are old.

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Old 01-10-22, 12:56 PM
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Bikes: Yes, please.

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The last three I'd sell.

Mrs non-fixie's favorite bike, and probably one of the best designs for women. Her French Méral:

My favorite touring bike. An English Roy Thame:

The most interesting design I ever bought. The Japanese Bridgestone Grandtech GR-27.


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Numero uno:

Then this:

And finally this:

The Colnago is best when I want precision on a hard and fast ride. The Medici's angles are best for all-day riding. The Bianchi was the "missing link" - my grail bike; good thing it also has a sublime ride while providing all-day comfort, too.

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Bikes: Paletti,Pinarello Monviso,Duell Vienna,Giordana XL Super(2)Lemond Maillot Juane (2) & custom,PDG Paramount,Serotta CSI,Fuji Opus III,Davidson Impulse,Pashley Guv'nor,Evans,Fishlips,Prologue TT,Y-Foil,Softride, Tetra Pro, CAAD8 Optimo,Klein Quantum II

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Hard to pick three but here goes....

Number one is easy. This mid 90's Giordana Xl Super built up with modern 11 speed. There is just something special about this bike each time it is under me on the road. I cannot explain but it just feels right. Love it so much that I bought another one of these as a frameset and built it up with tubulars and higher end parts. Yet failed to replicate the magic of the first one.

Next has to the the Opus III, quite honestly a smaller frame than I normally prefer but such a classic beauty that delivers with a premium ride. The Superbe Pro parts feel sexy in use and once I get used to them they just become one with me out on the road. It's not perfect but to me it's what a classic steel bike is all about.

How I picked it up locally several years ago.

After some minor changes this is how I rode it for several years.

How's it's setup now once I found some proper Superbe Pro hubbed tubular wheels and some cool leather wrapped bottle cages. The tubulars kicked the already stellar ride up yet another notch.

Third...now it's tough....this could be so many of the bikes. The Davidson Impulse, the Pinarello, one of the Lemonds, the Duell.....jeesh....how do you pick? On any given day I could just point to pretty much any ride in the bike cave and make that my 3rd. But for now I guess I'll go with the Paletti. Why....IDK... maybe because it's plain and simply a work of art and unique. Not to mention and exceptional ride on the road that is plenty fast.

I feel so lucky to have this one.

So with spring approaching and knowing I need to let few more go, these are ones I won't even consider. Of course the Davidson is safe and two of the Lemonds including my Team Z grail bike. Yet....hhhhmmmm.... it didn't make my top three...what does that really mean?
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Bikes: , 80 Trek 414, 84 Schwinn Letour Luxe,87 Schwinn Prelude, 92 Schwinn Paramount PDG 5

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The first two are still in the collection. In no particular order.
1979 Trek 930
1992 Schwinn Paramount PDG5
1972 Schwinn Voyageur

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Bikes: Some silver ones, a red one, a black and orange one, and a few titanium ones

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A 2010 Cannondale T1 which is not exactly “vintage” but close. I also have a 2003 version that is my round town bike.

1998 Moots YBB which is my winter/off-road bikepacking bike.

Perhaps the best mountain bike I’ve ever owned. A 1999 Dean.

Stuart Black
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Twisting Down the Alley. Misadventures in tornado alley.
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Bikes: Old school lightweights

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'79 Trek 930 (sold)
'84 Davidson Challenge (broke)
'80 Bertoni Superlight (kept)
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Bikes: roadsters, club bikes, fixed and classic

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86 Bianchi Pro (O22 Japanese, broke)
84 Marinoni-Gianella (kept)
88 Dave Douglas Mtn (gave away?!)
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I have to start with this one: 1979 Raleigh SuperCourse, which I bought in 1987 from the original owner, my boss at the bike shop:


Rode the heck out of it for 20 years until I got the upgrade bug and decided I needed a higher-end Raleigh road bike.

Then there's this '49 Raleigh Clubman, which introduced me to vintage bikes that were built to be sporting. I bought this one from the son of the original owner:


And, finally, the bike that introduced me to the pleasures of modern steel road bikes, my Black Mountain Road: light, fast, versatile, a perfect fit, the bike I use to set up all others now in terms of stack and reach:

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