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gugie 12-16-20 04:49 PM

Originally Posted by droppedandlost (Post 21836022)
Like a bad carnival booth game. "Test Your Grip Strength"
Your prize is not dying.

Going through this section made me realize that disk brakes have a place in cycling.

amedias 12-17-20 02:53 AM

There's a story to this one... that sign on the wall is for a cafe I visited about 5 years ago during another ride and remembered as serving really nice cake, so a friend and I put together a route that would see us hit that cafe at about 100km into the ride for a nice cup of tea (I'm English) and slice of cake ready to fuel us for our return.

So after about 100km and 1700m of climbing we roll up to find....the cafe is closed in the winter :-(
So we decided to find somewhere else to eat (we did, nice German bratwurst, mmmm) and explore an alternative route home, several hours later we've racked up 250km, 3500m of climbing and some amazing views, but all I can think about when I get home is the cake I didn't get to eat!

There's always next summer...

Drillium Dude 12-17-20 04:17 AM

Originally Posted by gugie (Post 21836138)
Going through this section made me realize that disk brakes have a place in cycling.

Hey! Disk brakes and 650b go together - right?



northbend 12-17-20 11:08 AM

Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 21835996)
Yes, that's what I call the "Hairpin from Hell" - you can get some good speed coming down the hill towards it!


That trail was part of my bike commute route when I used to do that thing called "Work".
I had the best commute - 26 miles each way (NB to Crossroads) and I always looked forward to it.
That section was a bit dicey in the wet season with leaves in the fall and moss in the spring.

Oldairhead 12-17-20 01:25 PM

Fast cruising on the Tissington Trail, about midway at Eroica Brittania 2014.

jjankie 12-17-20 02:55 PM

Originally Posted by krakhaus (Post 21834841)

um this is NOT MN, much less the Twin Cities!!

Drillium Dude 12-17-20 03:54 PM

Originally Posted by jjankie (Post 21837511)
um this is NOT MN, much less the Twin Cities!!

Been wondering about this photo myself. Looks a lot like what I was riding during my month in AZ.


ooga-booga 12-20-20 12:02 AM

Originally Posted by krakhaus (Post 21835090)
Frank Sinatra. Good guess though.

that would have been my third guess just after country club and before gerald ford.

if i had looked more closely, i would have recognized antsell rock and red tahquitz peak in the san jacinto mtns
but the road/landscaping screamed palm desert/rancho mirage.

ooga-booga 12-20-20 12:09 AM

calle jardin in de luz, ca (near temecula) along with a gratuitous "ghost" pic of the ‘85 pinarello treviso.

amedias 12-21-20 04:11 AM

An empty road full of water...and the only other option is a 30km detour. It was bottom bracket deep by the corner and went on for another 50m or so :-(

xiaoman1 12-21-20 06:46 PM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 21840667)
calle jardin in de luz, ca (near temecula) along with a gratuitous "ghost" pic of the ‘85 pinarello treviso.

Glad you are on the overpass and enjoying the scenery from that vantage point, the road below needs a bicycle proof grate and one of these....accident in the works.

steelbikeguy 12-21-20 08:44 PM

Originally Posted by amedias (Post 21833437)

oh yeah!
We've got one of those here too. Tons of fun when the road is clear, but the leaves do scare the bejezus out of me!

Steve in Peoria

ooga-booga 01-01-21 04:02 PM

willow road-lakeside, ca

Germany_chris 01-01-21 04:24 PM

rando_couche 01-01-21 06:56 PM

Just a sampling of what I have to put up with. Yaquina Bay Road, Newport, OR.

amedias 01-04-21 04:48 AM

Memories of Summer and the soft crunch of gravel

northbend 01-08-21 11:33 AM

The reality of Winter rides in the PNW.
Usually above freezing, wet roads, low clouds and light rain.
Fenders make it much more enjoyable.
It makes for some moody scenery here in my wet corner of the world.
The Middle Fork Road: by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr ride 2021 MFR3 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr ride 2021 MFR4 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr ride 2021 MFR7 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr ride 2021 MFR8 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

The Snoqualmie Valley Trail: sun makes a weak appearance by Carnation by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

steelbikeguy 01-08-21 01:16 PM

a bit of freezing rain, followed by some snow, has really improved the looks of the bare trees around here!

Just gotta watch out for the ice in the shadowed areas of the road!

Steve in Peoria

ooga-booga 01-12-21 10:34 PM

south main divide road, santa ana mountains, cleveland national forest west of lake elsinore, ca.

bwilli88 01-13-21 07:09 AM

amedias 01-14-21 03:37 AM

Sometimes the Sun is out and the road is smooth...

And sometimes neither of those things are true...

BFisher 01-16-21 04:50 PM

obrentharris 01-16-21 08:44 PM

Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Point Reyes National Seashore, California


fooferdoggie 01-16-21 09:15 PM

bike path after a rainstorm portland or

fooferdoggie 01-16-21 09:19 PM

a u tunnel a little freaky going through

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