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Camouflage 05-25-20 11:31 AM

It's a good sign. WE should have more bikes and fewer cars on the road.

Treasure Cycles 05-25-20 12:09 PM

Who would have thought bicycle demand would overtake supply?!

branko_76 05-25-20 12:39 PM

Originally Posted by sunburst (Post 21496127)
"skyscrapers and everything!"

Stevie just turned 70!

Stevie's top 20

As humorous as that line is, the song depicts a very tragic condition that still exists.

johnwalt 05-25-20 01:38 PM

Does anyone remember the bike shortage in the early 70s during the gas shortage ? I was working in a Schwinn (made in Chicago) store. Schwinn rationed bikes to their dealers according to how many they sold in the past. I still remember 1 delivery that was a full tractor trailer of 252 bikes and Schwinns were NOT light back then. Jay"s Cycle Center, Westfield, NJ.

2manybikes 05-25-20 05:09 PM

Originally Posted by qcpmsame (Post 21487654)
Old timers here are hoping its an unconfirmed sighting of R600DuraAce


That's exactly what I was thinking.

robertorolfo 05-25-20 07:21 PM

Originally Posted by niliraga (Post 21486343)
...and the NYC listings on CL are now full of gas pipe step-throughs with 1-piece cranks, happily listing for over $300...

Some dude had a Tommasini Velocista on CL for $995. I missed it by a day, and I'm furious why myself. Hopefully some hipster doofus bought it because he/she thought it was cool, and will end up losing interest.

Originally Posted by branko_76 (Post 21487230)
I have a friend in NYC who rides his single speed bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. Are there hills in NYC ?

Hills yes. Mountains, no. But the bridges are fun to ride when they aren't too crowded.

SurferRosa 05-26-20 12:25 AM

Originally Posted by Treasure Cycles (Post 21496232)
Who would have thought bicycle demand would overtake supply?!

Economist Karl Merckx.


Deal4Fuji 05-26-20 06:39 AM

in this morning's paper

mjd420nova 05-26-20 09:41 AM

Everywhere is experiencing a bicycle shortage and the retailers are boosting their prices to take advantage of a desperate consumer. Just about everything priced below $1,000. is gone and the inventory of children's bikes has disappeared. Forget electric bikes, sold out until NEXT YEAR. Glad I got my new one two years ago, couldn't find one now for anything short of the national debt.

noglider 05-26-20 03:11 PM

Originally Posted by Velo Mule (Post 21490937)
I've got a couple of bikes that I have been waiting until spring to sell. Now with Covid, my wife won't let me sell them because I might come in contact with someone. And I can't look for anything either, although why would I. The prices or too high.

Now is the time to sell.

My wife has also asked me not to do some things that I think are safe. I honor her wishes anyway. But if you can talk to her, tell her that the amount of time of exposure is one of the key factors. If you stay away from each other's bodies and limit the visit, it seems reasonably safe. I handed over my donated/loaned bike by leaning it against a building and stepping away from it. I spoke to the other person from a distance and kept it short.

Velo Mule 05-26-20 04:01 PM

Thanks noglider . I will work on talking to my wife and see if she will soften her position. I've got a Schwinn World ready to go with upright bars, a Fuji Espree that needs to get reassembled and a Electra coaster brake cruiser.

One thing that I do like right now is that when I do ride, I see plenty of other people riding. Some will loose interest, some will stick with it. More people on bikes is a good thing.

mjd420nova 06-01-20 02:04 PM

My son is more into the vintage BMX bikes and some of the newer ones from some of the old but still existing builders. He had 20 bikes when he moved a year ago, and about a ton of parts for those and many others. I just need ONE reliable ride, mid prices ($300-500), a comfortable seat and Mr Tuffy in the tires. Last one lasted 20 years.

oddjob2 06-02-20 04:32 AM

Originally Posted by Chr0m0ly (Post 21488948)
I have, maybe seven or eight bikes Iíd like to send on to new homes, but theyíre in

We had just moved to New York in January, so Diana could take some exclusive music development workshops and make some music theater connections in the Big Apple. She was already making real connections, was offered a gig with the national tour of Tootsie, and then it all ground to a halt.

Were in MI right now, figuring out if itís going to be worth the cost of living to be in NYC post covid.

So now weíve been in MI for seven weeks, we have a sublet in Manhattan, we are subletting the apartment we left in Chicago, and we are living a few towns away from Detroit. We have stuff in all these places, and we donít know where weíre going to end up living.

I count my blessings, her folks are just the best, and we have a lot of space. Our living quarters are very generous and outside weíre in a beautiful area with trees and a river, and Iíve been doing a lot of gravel riding on the dirt roads.

And Iím just going to say it, because you guys will understand...

I miss my bike hoard! :roflmao2:

I know, I know...

Cost of living in NYC is crazy. The Dutch fellow who joined GM a few years back as senior exec and setup Cadillac HQ in SOHO to improve the brandís luxury DNA ended up living in Hoboken, NJ. He got canned for lack of results and Cadillac came back to the Mitten.

Living in limbo sucks, but you sound okay! Be glad that you werenít in NYC or NNJ during the last 3 months. Detroit has been bad, but sounds like you are downriver where it is unimpaired.

RobbieTunes 06-02-20 06:49 AM

Most new bike purchases end up sitting after a few months. If the pandemic (that is not over) increases the % that continue to be used, that would be a positive side effect, but many would consider it a behavioral change brought on by a long slow tragedy.

No matter, more bikes and less cars is a good thing.

Now, we wait with masks and sanitizer for the bikes that don't become permanent garage fixtures to trickle through to the various used marketplaces, where savvy buyers will likely get them, some in volumes that will dwarf what used to dominate CL, etc.

The sad news is that a lot of these are going to be the low end from discount stores. BUT, they may be affordable enough that more kids who otherwise wouldn't get a bike will get one. No down side there. Let's hope bike education matches up with an increase in ownership and riding. increased awareness and perception of a cyclist as more of a healthy, involved traveler than a light-running daredevil can't hurt.

​​​​The better news is that a lot of these are going to be from bike shops, and decent.
Mo' bikes is better.

The average cost to retune a cheapo bike, once it hits that "200-miles and no longer works" mark is about $15 and an hour of labor. I'm stocking up on cables and waiting for the kids to stop by, so I can turn the little buggers loose on bikes that work.

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