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Miele Man 07-14-20 03:31 PM

Internal diameter of Campy Triomphe crown race?
I know I saw it somewhere but I can't find the thread let alone the post.

What are the two different internal diameters of Campagnolo Triomphe crown races?

Thanks and cheers

Pars 07-14-20 08:40 PM

At least from velobase, these were only in ISO sizing, which would be a 26.4mm crown race. JIS is 27mm.

SurferRosa 07-14-20 09:52 PM

Not sure about the crown race, but Triomphe headsets did come in Italian threading. I have some threaded headset parts stamped that way.

JohnDThompson 07-15-20 06:57 AM

AFAIK, all Campagnolo 1" threaded headsets had 26.4mm crown race ID.

T-Mar 07-15-20 09:37 AM

I don't know about Triomphe but Campagnolo offered their Record and Super record headsets with an optional 0.5mm smaller diameter crown race to accommodate worn crown seats. Similarly, the upper pressed race and lower pressed cup were available in 0.5mm larger diameter, to accommodate worn head tubes.

Miele Man 07-15-20 12:28 PM

From Yellow Jersey in Wisconsin:

:The two sizes are 26.4mm and 27.1mm.
Generally premium quality bicycles use the smaller crown
race seat. The matching head cups are 30.0mm and 30.2mm so
one generally cuts a midprice frame and fork to the smaller
crown seat and larger head tube."


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