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rickrob 07-21-20 07:55 AM

1994 Cannondale 2.8 Frame questions
I was thinking of checking out a Cannondale 2.8 Aluminum frame for a build. It appears to be a 1994, Red with white lettering.

Is there anything specific to look on these frames? I'll looks for dents, cracks,signs of a crash and make sure it's straight, but wanted to know if there is anything unique to this type of frame that I should be looking at before buying.


Ironfish653 07-21-20 08:33 AM

The cantilever rear dropouts were the weak link of the early frames (the 2.8 appeared in the late 80's) but by 1994 Cannondale was hitting the peak of their powers, so I wouldn't be concerned with a later bike. Actually, i wouldn't be concerned with an early bike, either.

The shifter bosses were riveted on the earlier bikes, and sometimes work loose over time. There's a refit kit available, so it's not a game-ender.

Really, other than those few things, There's nothing different to look for than any other old bike. IMHO, the USA-built 'Dales (pre-2006) are some of the best-finished 'mass market' frames that have ever been produced.

top506 07-21-20 06:30 PM

There's a '93 R600 out in the barn. 2.8 frame, built up with 105 5600 comps. Hangs with the go fast bikes.


RiddleOfSteel 07-22-20 01:19 AM

2.8 is a good frame, like the 3.0 frame before it. 3.0, with the cantilevered stays, debuted in 1989. The 2.8s several years later.

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