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Markeologist 08-01-20 02:49 PM

Ritchey Palo Alto Road Tandem
My recent Craigslist purchase...1977/78 Ritchey Palo Alto road tandem, something I have been lusting after for decades after seeing the Anchor Steamer as ridden by Joe Breeze and Otis Guy...also read article on their bike in some tandem mag back in 80s/90s. Their bike is now in the US Bicycling Museum in Davis. Mine used to be in the Marin Bicycle Museum...that is where it was when I first saw it several years ago.

I posted earlier for info on Shimano Gen 1 Dura Ace tandem cranksets...not in catalogs but evidently Santana could procure directly from Shimano. This tandem has 1st Gen Dura Ace for captain while the stoker has the Dura Ace on the timing side (cross over set up) with a later Specialized triple on drive side. I assume a previous owner wanted a triple and pulled off the Dura Ace double and replaced with the Specialized triple...little odd, I’m contemplating next moves. Also appears to have had wheel change, has later generation Phil Woods...the one piece with polished hub. Has Arai drum that appears to have never been hooked up (to this frame at least). I’ll yank that off...I’ve been riding tandem since 80s and I have never run a drag brake...I have a NOS Arai in box that I have had for I have two. Few other odds and ends need to be addressed but an absolutely beautiful Ritchey frame in lovely shape. Maybe my Eroica ride in 2021.

merziac 08-01-20 03:27 PM


:thumb: Fantastic! Again, Tx for sharing.

You could try to reach out to Tom Ritchey, he's on here a little and may chime in.

And retired custom builder, Jim Merz, he is the guru of modified triples, I have 2, invented a tripleizer way back in the day, worked at Specialized and also built a tandem that's on display here in PDX at West End Bikes.

He has a FB page and is on CR. ;)

Markeologist 08-01-20 03:36 PM

Here are some pix of the Anchor Steamer, the Ritchey Tandem Otis Guy and Joe Breeze had built up for their second cross continent record attempt....Joe's knees flared up and they had to give up (Joe's knees are being iced in second photo). They had sponsorship from Anchor Steam/Fritz and bikes, love it...hell, I love beer with almost anything!

Bianchigirll 08-01-20 03:37 PM


L134 08-02-20 08:02 AM

My knees hurt just looking at that gearing.

Markeologist 08-02-20 04:44 PM

Originally Posted by L134 (Post 21619622)
My knees hurt just looking at that gearing.

yep...pushing a 62 big ring....they truly must have been steaming on the downhills!

madpogue 08-02-20 05:05 PM

Any other people in that photo who's name we'd recognize?

Maytag repairman seems to be thinking "I could never ride that thing"......

repechage 08-02-20 05:22 PM

In the early half of the 1970's there was a fellow who rode the coast highway from Santa Monica to Malibu seemingly all the time.
He rode a bike with a 60+ tooth single chainring up front and a 13-17 freewheel.
We sold him chainrings when he wore them out.
a label on the hook, 63 to infinity for Elmer.

Markeologist 08-02-20 07:02 PM

Originally Posted by madpogue (Post 21620476)
Any other people in that photo who's name we'd recognize?

Maytag repairman seems to be thinking "I could never ride that thing"......

As per Joe's posting of this info on Retro Bike: "Wende Cragg, Andrew Ritchie, [me], Alan Wulzen, [Otis Guy], Tony Tom (Bicycle Odyssey, Sausalito), Sandra Davidson. The saddened Maytag repairman represents Fritz Maytag of Anchor Steam."

In his post Joe Breeze states: "Otis Guy and I commissioned Tom Ritchey to build us a tandem for our cross-country (SF-NY) record attempt. Early in 1979, I showed my Breezer #1 MTB to Tom. Specifically I wanted Tom to join the two sets of twin laterals to the seat tubes on our tandem-to-be the same way I had joined them on my Breezer, with an elliptisized cross tube." Joe was posting on a Mt. Bike focused website as he was showing the link between his Breezer, the Anchor Steamer, and subsequent Mtn. Bikes built by Ritchey.

1979 Ritchey "Anchor Steamer" tandem | Retrobike

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