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moto tom 08-08-20 03:08 PM

Originally Posted by Last ride 76 (Post 21629737)
Black and red were the only colors I ever used. No racers or even riders I knew used more than one layer. Granted, we were all reasonably (or unreasonably) weight obsessed, faster, and farther being of paramount concern. Padding? What we have cobbles? Wear gloves. Helps with those inevitable... Shellac was for serious randonneurs, who rode indestructible machines that weighed, well... (a lot more than my bike).
"Shut up legs" makes me laugh. In those days we could make our whole bodies hurt. 😂
The corollary to this is that no, the roll is not too short. You're overlapping too much, or trying to hard to hide the brake band. HTFU. We now return to a saner, less rigid point of view...😊
To answer the OP, I concur that no one was using anything but cloth in 1975. NO ONE. (Sighing, every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.)

in 75 I was using brown leather wrap to replace the cotton tape on my grand Jubile

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