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Sir_Name 08-07-20 06:06 PM

What are folks using for helmets?
I’ve taken a few knocks along the way and have had a helmet cushion the blow most of those times. I figure we might as well have a spot here to share praise for one of the most important and least sexy cycling accoutrements (now that’s saying something).

A close shave by an SUV manned by a cell phone a few years back had me decide to always wear a dayglow head piece. It’s good to be seen. Here’s the latest. Safety, brightness and ventilation led me to this. Plus some gift cards to help stomach the outlay.

These are a consumable with a big job. What are you wearing and what’s worked for your needs?

Bianchi84 08-07-20 06:16 PM

Bell Image like this one (not my actual helmet). I think Tomac advertised it.

RobbieTunes 08-07-20 06:41 PM

Giro Air Attack Shield (2) and Air Attack
For eyeglass wearers, very handy.
For non-eyeglass wearers, very handy.

Reasonably cool.
Shield easily removed and can be clipped “up” out of the way.
Much better rain vis...your eyes can focus down range.
Aero if you’re fast enough.

There are cooler helmets; especially sitting still on a scorcher.
Handling without care can result in broken shields.

mattk42 08-07-20 06:56 PM

Giro Chronicle with MIPs in hi-vis yellow. I agree, important to be seen. It's more of a mtb style, with coverage farther down the back of the head. May not be as high of air flow ventilation, but my head be getting sweaty anyway. Visor is easily removable too.

nlerner 08-07-20 06:57 PM

Back in the fall, my helmet got stolen when it was stuck in my front bag on my locked up bag. It was a Giro of some sort, my second of that brand, but I decided to take advantage of new technology and buy a Smith Overtake. I like it.

Sir_Name 08-07-20 07:22 PM

nlerner Smith helmets came in clutch for me a couple of times. The sweat factor was the only thing that had me look elsewhere. Good stuff if you’re not a sweaty mess. I am, so looking for greener grass for now.

canklecat 08-07-20 07:31 PM

(My photo/file server is offline so all I have are some frame grabs from my bike video cameras, mostly walking around after I forget to turn off the camera during stops.)

Hi-viz yellow Bell Formula MIPS, possibly the single best buy of all currently available helmets. Most of the features of the Z20 and Stratus at a fraction of the price. It was only $75 when I got it a couple of summers ago, a little more now. Still worthwhile.
Fully hardshell polycarbonate wrap around under the bottom edge that's often bare soft EPS foam on helmets costing under $100. Clever sweat drip channel that diverts most sweat away from the forehead. Comfortable. Attention to detail. Built and looks like a much more expensive helmet.
Doesn't cover as low on the rear/occipital region as I'd like.

POC Omne Air SPIN, white with hi-viz orange rear.
Better ventilation than the Bell. More conventional looking than the POC Octal and Ventral (which look like Lego mushroom heads). The Omne, Ventral and Octal have similar profile shapes but the vent shapes make a big difference in the looks. Thicker EPS foam and polycarbonate shell than many helmets. Covers lower on the rear/occipital region for better protection.

Like all POCs, overpriced for what you get compared with Bell, Giro and others. Although to cut costs the Omne Air SPIN is made in China to POC's Sweden HQ specs. For awhile just before the pandemic it was available for as little as $75, a bargain. Still a fair value at the $150 MSRP.
Lacks the Bell's attention to detail. Exposed soft EPS foam along lower edge. Heavy. Size runs larger than spec -- my noggin is 59cm, right on the margin of medium/large and I can usually wear large, but this POC model in large is too big. But I mostly use it in winter with a knit cap or bandanna.
Brow is thicker and lower, protrudes into my upper peripheral vision when I'm in the drops. Completely unsuitable for bikes with aero bars -- you wouldn't be able to see ahead with craning your neck up uncomfortably. But it's perfect for riding the hoods, touring bikes, hybrids, commuters, etc.

It's really a commuter helmet but with far better ventilation than the typical Bern or Nutcase hipster/skater helmet.

I wear the POC a lot more often in summer on my road bike than I planned to because the venting is so much better than the Bell. But I wear the Bell for hard workout rides or group rides when I'm in the drops and must have good peripheral vision.
POC Omne Air Spin

A cheap $20 Base Camp aero helmet that's surprisingly good. No longer available. I was wary of it but a couple of users reported it held up well in crashes and showed photos of the damaged helmets. It appears to be comparable to any mainstream brand helmet.

The design appears to borrow from a discontinued Giro rounded profile aero helmet. No tails, fins, etc., more of a road/aero helmet than a TT/tri-bike helmet. Came with a good tinted visor with secure magnetic clasps. Detachable press-fit plastic shell to cover or uncover some minimal vents, similar to a Lazer Z1 model. No MIPS, no fancy features, looks pretty much like a standard helmet from a decade ago. Zero complaints for what it is.

Some of my fastest times were wearing this helmet and a Pearl Izumi aero jersey. Just the change in kit was good for a consistent 0.5 to 1 mph over my usual 20-30 mile routes and a favorite 6 mile time trial segment.

Only reason I don't wear the Base Camp helmet more often, besides the inferior venting for summer, is that I'm more comfortable with helmet mirrors due to an old neck injury. While I have bar end mirrors on my road bikes, I feel like I'm riding blind without a helmet mirror. So I reserve the aero helmet only for specific occasions when weather and wind conditions are perfect and it's a day/time when I can expect little or no traffic on my favorite time trial routes.
Base Camp aero helmet and Pearl Izumi semi-aero jersey. That small change from my usual kit is good for another 0.5-1 mph over distance on my favorite 6 mile time trial segments.

scarlson 08-07-20 07:35 PM

Giro Savant in summer. Smith Transport ski helmet in winter.

The ski helmet's visor actually saved my teeth once. Bike came out from under me at 0mph on concrete aggregate (Nokian studs offered no grip) and I ended up on my face, my chin and the visor touching the ground. My upper right canine tooth just barely kissed the cement & I got a mouth full of sand and salt. If not for the visor, the whole impact would've been on that poor tooth.

BFisher 08-07-20 07:43 PM

Kask Rapido just like this one:

The Golden Boy 08-07-20 08:12 PM

I got a Bern something or other. I dig it.

My criteria was pretty simple- I want/need the visor- either as a sun visor or as a bug deflector. Lots of vents. Hat by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr Hat by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr Hat by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr

I thought the color was cool- and then after I got it, I realized that color has nothing to do with any of my bikes.

Drillium Dude 08-07-20 08:20 PM

I ride with a Nada - light as hell and best ventilation ever :D


sced 08-07-20 08:22 PM

I have my whole family riding helmets with the snap-on "goggles". My wife uses these

Mine is similar to my wife's but I don't think it is made any more. My sons are riding these

tkamd73 08-07-20 08:30 PM

Specialized S-Works Evade

scarlson 08-07-20 08:35 PM

Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 21629210)
I ride with a Nada - light as hell and best ventilation ever :D


sometimes i do this too :innocent:

[helmet debate begins in 5...4...3...] :crash:

Sir_Name 08-07-20 08:40 PM

Heh. Growing up I cared for a heifer that I showed at the local fair. Her name was Nada and that’s what we won. :)

The rare times I hop on a bike without that cap it feels that much more like flying, but those rare times that you need it...

79pmooney 08-07-20 08:48 PM

I bought a POS Trabec 6 years ago because it was the first helet I could try on that was MIPS, white and had a visor for my mirror. It's an MTB helmet so a bit dorky and heavier, Very good helmet! I never think about it once I've put it on. Excellent on hot days. Easy headband to adjust so loosening it to wear a wool cap in the cold is easy also.

I intended to buy another this year but saw that POS was no longer using MIPS. Then I saw they are going to resume next year. So I"m going another year on this very comfortable helmet. (Also well made. Only issue was/is that the "Y" buckles on the side slip a little. I put a stitch through them the first few months and haven't looked back since.) Best helmet I've ever had by quite a lot.


davester 08-07-20 08:49 PM

I was riding with this nice red, white and black Specialized S-Works helmet. However, an endo on my mountain bike caused it to give its life to save me from a severe head injury. I replaced it the next day with a black Giro Synthe MIPS. I picked the Synthe because it was up near the top of the Virginia Tech helmet test ratings and also has a fairly classic look. Also note the Elvis-style helmet strap accessories (they are "Cat Ears", which vastly reduce noise so that you can more easily converse with your fellow riders, hear traffic coming up behind, and avoid that unpleasant roaring sound at speed).
Davester's busted helmet
Davester's replacement Giro Synthe

bikingshearer 08-07-20 10:07 PM

Giro Savant MIPS. Matte black with a splash of white at the back. My wife gave it me for Christmas 2019 after my not-very-subtle hints. I fits well, feels right, and I like the bit of extra protection of MIPS.

xiaoman1 08-07-20 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 21629210)
I ride with a Nada - light as hell and best ventilation ever :D


Me Too! :bang:
TSOHK's, Ben

Fahrenheit531 08-07-20 11:26 PM

Garneau X-Lite Pro. Matte black, probably five years old now. I've been considering one of those "changing cycling forever" :lol: helmets with the new superfuturetech innards, but the urgency just isn't there.

davester 08-07-20 11:39 PM

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit531 (Post 21629386)
...but the urgency just isn't there.

The urgency generally doesn't appear until you're in the process of being catapulted headfirst into the asphalt.

Bad Lag 08-07-20 11:48 PM

I ride wearing a baseball cap, the kind that are not adjustable. I wear it backwards, with the bill in the rear.

The cap keeps my scalp from being sunburned. The bill keeps the sun off the back of my neck.

Sunglasses keep the sun out of my eyes, as well as road debris and bugs. Gloves cushion and protect my hands.

A quick spray of some sunscreen and I am ready to ride.

Drillium Dude 08-08-20 12:47 AM

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit531 (Post 21629386)
Garneau X-Lite Pro. Matte black, probably five years old now. I've been considering one of those "changing cycling forever" :lol: helmets with the new superfuturetech innards, but the urgency just isn't there.

You must mean that gaspleen or whatever it is; I remember the last time I fell for a "will change everything" claim was in the run-up to the introduction of the Segway scooter. Never again will I believe any kind of hype :)


Drillium Dude 08-08-20 12:50 AM

Originally Posted by davester (Post 21629394)
The urgency generally doesn't appear until you're in the process of being catapulted headfirst into the asphalt.

True, but you put it out of your mind a couple seconds later :D


clubman 08-08-20 04:59 AM


gearbasher 08-08-20 05:49 AM

I've been using Limar helmets for years, I bought my first one before they were being sold here in the US. Many Euro dealers would not ship them here at that time, But, found one that did . One of their helmets saved my life or at least kept me from being a vegetable.

Classtime 08-08-20 05:51 AM
I put that's stripe on it to match my Sachs.

gomango 08-08-20 09:32 AM

Bell Sixer MIPS

Gotta have a visor.

Most comfortable helmet I have owned.

tkamd73 08-08-20 09:55 AM

Built this bike just for local stuff, no roads posted above 25mph, always within 10mi of my house. No bike ďgearĒ required, whatever I happen to be wearing at the time, get on and go. I find that I ride more often if I donít have to gear up. If itís a high traffic time Iíll grab the helmet, otherwise Nada. I like that word. Also, nice having a kickstand again.
1971 Schwinn Sports Tourer

madpogue 08-08-20 10:09 AM

POC Tectal, I added some Scotchlite to the visor, and some reflective material used on road signs on the back. People remark about the visibility. I've replaced the cheap generic lights with smaller/lighter ones from the swap.

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