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bluesteak 08-16-20 12:20 PM

Trek 500 tri series frame
I purchased this frame on eBay without a plan. It isnít quite high end enough to justify a full restoration. I am thinking I might want to do a touring build, or since I am mainly a three speed guy maybe an internal gear hub.

Any constructive input is welcome.

Mr. 66 08-16-20 03:25 PM

Those are pretty nice, is it one of the red and white fade? are you thinking racks and fenders? Is there room for fatter tires? I had a 560 of that age it was tight for tire clearance.

Pars 08-16-20 09:44 PM

I have an '86 (I believe) Trek 500 that my brother gave me. It was originally set up by him with fenders and 32s (Avocet Cross tires). I changed those out to Conti GP4 Seasons 28s. This was with 700c wheels obviously. Tight, but it fit.

bluesteak 08-23-20 08:42 PM

I am going to send a photo of the frame.

in any case it is the red fade paint.

For some reason I have forgotten how to include photos. Thanks for the input. It is good to know that 32s and fenders are an option.

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