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Dolanarc1 10-13-20 07:55 AM

Dunlop Double Action Pump
I would like to refurbish this Dunlop pump.

Curious if anyone has information where to get the gaskets for inside.


mpetry912 10-13-20 08:38 AM

Most likely you are going to have to make a gasket. Thick leather is the best material. A classic shoe repair shop may be able to assist you with material.

for sure the effort to rebuild it will be worthwhile. you probably won't get to 100 psi with it, but they are great pumps and it looks like yours is in very nice condition

Mark Petry
Bainbridge Island, WA

The Golden Boy 10-13-20 01:17 PM

That's a cool lookin' pump!

Bad Lag 10-13-20 10:07 PM

Silca sells gaskets for their pumps. What size is yours?

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