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Where do your bikes live?

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

Where do your bikes live?

Old 10-19-20, 12:20 PM
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The commuter stays in the garage, I'm too lazy to carry it up and down every day. The good stuff stays in the basement.

Basement01 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Basement18 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Basement35 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Basement38 by iabisdb, on Flickr
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Mine are not living. I've tried very hard to wish upon those falling stars, but the Celeste Green Fairy hasn't granted my wish yet.


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My new shop was just signed off by the building department last week. Wishing the plans had 12 ft walls instead of 10. The daughter's soon to be installed batting cage and need for a pitching lane has made location of bikes a fluid thing from the original plans in my head. One stays in my office on an indoor trainer. The rest are in the shop.

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Originally Posted by jamesdak
LOL, any excuse to show off the bike cave. Most of mine live inside. A few bad weather bikes stay in the garage.

The bike cave:

Main shot into the bike cave

On the other side of the room, some of the Lemonds and Y-Foils

This has been demoted by the Team Z Lemond. I

My old man climber Lemond with a triple setup and some crazy gearing.

A couple of the Giordana's.

I've got to get real though on this collection and space. I've got 4 frames waiting to build and no where to put them. On top of that I just spent the last week on leave and mainly working on bikes not riding them. That is wrong!
Forgive me but i stole some photos and i'm going to send to my girfriend to understand what life will be one day if we will marry
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Most of my bikes are at my shop . I am semi retired so I sold my CNC grinding machines which took up about half of my shop area. The manual machines are all I want so I can make the specials and custom cutters the old school way. The bikes have taken over where the CNC's were. My wife bought me a bike rack for 6 of them , the rest are leaning against the wall for now. My work stand and a few of my other bikes are at home so I always have a bike to ride no matter where I am. I will eventually get another work stand for the shop . I have a compressor at the shop which makes it nice for cleaning parts. The tires are pumped up with a floor pump at both locations. I am glad I don't have a bike obsession! Joe
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Old 10-20-20, 04:16 PM
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Half of them are in the shed, the everyday bikes are outside under a shelter with the rest of the bikes of the building. I should make a picture of that one some time.
Note, the tandem was rolled back into the shed after the picture was taken.

3 bikes, 2 frames and more wheels than I can count.
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6 are displayed in a shop that celebrates C&V.
6 are in my storage unit, plus 3 frames
7 are here with me, plus 3 frames
3 are in my lady's basement.
1 is in Ohio

I would love to see that number cut by 2/3 or more
If there's a Brazen Dropouts in Madison, WI in 2021, that's the goal.
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[QUOTE=scozim;21751431]My new shop was just signed off by the building department last week. Wishing the plans had 12 ft walls instead of 10. The daughter's soon to be installed batting cage and need for a pitching lane has made location of bikes a fluid thing from the original plans in my head. One stays in my office on an indoor trainer. The rest are in the shop.

It looks really great....Mine looked that clean and organized when I first started out and then Armageddon. I have my daughter's stuff from her condo packed in there along with my colleague's daughter's stuff.....so well packed for now.
I hope you will fare better as time progresses.
Best, Ben

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Originally Posted by gthomson
....is there any concern with leaving them in a garage in the winter? totally protected by the elements other than cold Canadian winters.
If you have a basement, that will be better than an unheated garage. My experience with garages (not attached to the house in any way) is that moisture from the air condenses on cold metal surfaces when you get a sudden warm-up, aggravated by rain or snow-melt. This leads to corrosion on bare steel, chromed steel and compromised painted surfaces, in decreasing order of severity. Bikes will age more quickly if left in the garage all winter.
In the basement, I like hooks in overhead joists because gravity is pretty reliable. I also have bikes leaning against walls and things like that, but these are more easily disturbed.
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I am fortunate that all my bikes are in the mostly finished cellar on carpet

About half are hanging on a bike hook. The others are on the carpet in the basement.

Finally put a dehumidifier in the basement this Spring.

It is AMAZING the amount of water it pulls out of there !!!!!!!!

About 4 gallons a day !!!!!

Love all the pics !!!!!
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Old 10-21-20, 09:08 AM
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Spadoni the Younger just moved into a place with a dry basement divided into three rooms. One will be for bikes, one for fermenting, and the other for projects of various sorts.
Not only is there all that, but there are windows to give some natural light, and a door to the outside. Since I did provide food, care, etc. for decades, I think the least he should do is allow me to store a bike or two in his place.
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Old 10-21-20, 10:29 AM
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Bikes are much like children.
They tend to get cranky and uncooperative when asked to reside in the garage or a shed out back.
Hard at work in the Secret Underground Laboratory...
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All mine live in a climate controlled garage, so no room for the cage.
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Originally Posted by rccardr
Bikes are much like children.
They tend to get cranky and uncooperative when asked to reside in the garage or a shed out back.
Mine are an unruly bunch. My touring bike and steel road bike love to hang around the patio door in the living room. A couple of others love to perch themselves on trainers in the basement family room where my mountain bike luxuriates to the feel of the carpet under its wheels. My Miata loves to hang out in the workshop hanging up in the workstand while my Look 595 prefers to hang alone on a ceiling hook a few feet away where it will be joined by the steel bikes from the living room in a few weeks when they flee downstairs frightened by falling snow
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In my basement where it's dry and safe. The outdoor relative humidity is 90% or more for half the year, so indoors is good.
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In the basement. With 2 exceptions: my 1974 Falcon which I made into a single speed errand runner. And my Trek Tandem because its too damn heavy to schlep up and down the stairs.

I have so much room now, I need more bikes.
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Got a little sunroom converted to a bike room. I just need to get some UV window film up soon.

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I'm a total mooch, and store my 3 bikes in my friend's garage. My living situation for the past 5 years offered no good options for storage. Either put them in the rodent filled, unheated shed with dirt floors, or the sunroom where they would be in the way, and inevitably get peed on by various disgruntled pets. So I'm sticking with mooching for now.
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I love your handlebar/stem rack.
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small ring
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garage 3rd bay is mostly bike stuff. I keep a couple in my office.

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Nice! Love the bold colors.
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Not lost wanderer.
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Mine are in my shop/storage area.
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Originally Posted by alexihnen
Got a little sunroom converted to a bike room. I just need to get some UV window film up soon.

Nope, I'm not jealous at all!
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All are in my basement. Too many garages getting broken into in the Twin Cities.

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spare bedroom hanging off hooks attached to rail hanging off handle bars .
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