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eom 11-09-20 02:45 PM

Suntour 7 Speed Freehub,Freewheel or Both?
I have been going through my wheel collection which is too large and mostly low end.
Wheels from a GT mtb I think. Not enough majic, front is not going to buff out. Broke while I was washing it using a scrub brush.

Rear is a 7 speed, FH date code so Aug 1989. Some type of mashup of a freewheel & freehub. 135 spacing. NDS seal is Sansin.

NDS has 13, 3/16’’ balls. DS has 12, 1/4’’ balls I think. How do the DS balls come out?

Identification and direction on servicing much appreciated.

The rear had a slight hop when I was checking it and was not adjusted properly. I had trouble getting it smooth, seemed tight each rotation so I took it apart to see what’s up. It’s not pitted so far but waiting to get behind the DS balls.

Are the splines on the back of the (freewheel?) cogs permanent?

What are the symptoms of a bent axle? The axle seems to roll smoothly across the top of my bench.


oneclick 11-09-20 06:07 PM

Originally Posted by eom (Post 21782411)
What are the symptoms of a bent axle? The axle seems to roll smoothly across the top of my bench.

Try rolling it across something supposed to be flat. Most people don't have a surface plate, but a good quality mirror will do well enough to see if your axle is straight.

One of the symptoms of a broken front hub flange can be dismount requiring dental reconstructive surgery.

dddd 11-09-20 06:56 PM

Sansin hubs from around this time did tend to break flanges more often than other brands.

It appears that this freehub body is not secured with a hollow bolt but with an interference fit(?).

Shimano's early 600 and lesser freehubs did a similar thing but with the hub body "snout" peened to pernantly retain the assembled body.

You can twist the smallest threaded cog off to release the remaining cogs, I believe that the other six are splined.

Hopefully the rear hub and cassette are in good order so you can easily retain the Suntour-spaced cogs that match your indexing system.
The freehub body should be supported by the axle and bearings even if the interference fit is no longer tight. If there is much play there I would use LocTite.

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