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SpudBoi 11-11-20 12:28 PM

Moto brake lever question
Hi folks, first time poster, long time lurker. I've searched here and throughout the internet for an answer to this question with no luck. Apologies if the solution is obvious, i'm new to vintage bike work.

I've got a 1978 Motobecane Grand Jubile that i'm planning to use as my gravel and road bike. It's in great shape and has 100% original parts (excluding consumables like tires) but it appears that the previous owner crashed and broke off a brake lever. In looking it over, this lever is embedded with a pin directly into the handlebar and does not have the metal band that most levers i've seen use to attach to drop bars. I'd like to keep as much of the original parts as I can, but I'm not able to get the pin back into the bars and can't see a way to attach it. I can't even find examples of this type of brake when I search for them. They aren't uncommon ( PIVO bars with Weinmann 610 center pull brakes). But every example i can find includes the metal band holding on the levers. Do I need to just give up and replace with new levers? Thanks

unworthy1 11-11-20 01:03 PM

You may have one of the Motobecane "unitized" handlebars that often included molded-on faux-leather "bar tape with lever hoods" that mimicked the fancy stitched on real leather stuff. So my advice is to junk the current set or at the least clip off the swaged-on studs and file smooth then get some conventional Weinmann clamps assuming that's all you'd need to attach your "good" lever and source one replacement lever to make a matched pair. Then you'll want hoods and bar tape of your choice but upside is you can now place them where YOU prefer, not where the factory put the studs. Since all this is based on assumption and guessing I could be wrong about what you're dealing with and worst case is you'll need new bars too so if you do make sure they fit the clamp diameter of your stem (possible FR 25.0. but some Pivo are 25.4 or even 25.8)

SpudBoi 11-11-20 01:36 PM

thanks unworthy! Yes, you're correct, it had the molded on rubber stuff. I cut that off. Sounds like the preferred option would be to get traditional clamps. Good know and thanks. I think i'll just try to find some similar at the coop.

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