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since6 11-30-20 10:42 AM

And then there were Three

I’ve known Bill for a long time and have two of his custom bikes, my single and our tandem and now I have a third, a go fast race bike frame. Even cooler I have the design blue print created for this bike. True Temper OX Platinum frame comes with a Reynolds Ouzon Pro fork, but long term, I’ll have Bill build the fork for this bike and a new stem. I’ll need a little longer seat post and a little shorter stem, then with these changes it will match my single Stevenson Custom. Probably a repaint as things have been chewed up inside the drive side chain stay??? Call it a modern vintage as this frame is 20 years old.

Wife was asking for a Christmas present and this fell into my lap, and she said “Of Course”, priceless. :love:

So now I have a New Year build.

Charliekeet 11-30-20 11:38 AM

Now THAT will make for a rewarding winter!

since6 11-30-20 12:14 PM

Yes Charliekeet, when you got the soul of the bike nailed via the frame all the rest is just taking time, having fun and waiting for the vaccine.

Take Care.

Wildwood 11-30-20 06:55 PM

Nice to find a brand/model/builder that suits your fancy and double up.

My 61cm AD Olympian and VentNoir fit that need.
And I want to buy the Seattle CL Calfee 60 cm frame to double up mine.

since6 11-30-20 07:21 PM

Wildwood it's what draws me to vintage bicycles they can be functional art, some with legends and history behind them which you catch snippets of when you ride.
Others you clean and glimpse again file and fire and focus of a builder leaving some soul in his creation.
After a ride, and a good cleaning, you just sit for a moment and let the coffee cool.

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