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thumpism 08-31-21 06:20 AM

Interestingly, I've been seeing a few ads for Crescents for sale lately. Posted a nice 531 one in the Looking thread recently.

madscrambler 08-31-21 08:48 AM

The status on this project is as follows: For me the most difficult part to obtain is the steel Titan Stem; it is special to fit the handle bar very large 27 size and noted by Sheldon to be Obsolete. So I actually need to get a Titan Stem. I found one on e bay located in England about 65 dollars. I gritted my teeth and pulled the trigger on the sale. A day or two later the shop owner e-mailed me that he could not locate the stem! so he refunded my money and I am now waiting to locate another before i start assembly; I need other items but am waiting to get the stem as it is the most difficult to obtain.

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