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CyclingFool95 01-17-21 02:11 PM

Vintage Racer - 1930
We were going through some old family photos the other day and I cam across this one of my grandfather, which he had marked as being from 1930. I'd never seen this photo before although I had seen one of him on this bike from 8 years later with my aunt riding on the top tube.

Can anyone ID the bike from this poor resolution crop of the head tube badge? What's the crankset with those lion shaped cutouts?

iab 01-17-21 02:16 PM

My guess is Peugeot.

dedhed 01-17-21 02:23 PM

clubman 01-17-21 02:47 PM

Bingo. What a great bike to have now. As with many fixed gears of the period, rear brake only.

cb400bill 01-17-21 03:01 PM

Here is a catalog page from 1924. Your grandfather's bike shows many simularities to the Peugeot Sport

brian3069 01-17-21 03:12 PM

Wish I was half as cool as your grandfather.

Het Volk 01-17-21 03:31 PM

Why do they not design bikes like these anymore. I guess closes are Pashley bikes.

martl 01-17-21 03:44 PM

Originally Posted by iab (Post 21882155)
My guess is Peugeot.

Yep Peugeot had that 3 lion crankset between a period 1909 - 1936. Here is mine from the early twenties.
Mine is a different model or year than your granddads, the fork crown is different.

jamesdak 01-17-21 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by Het Volk (Post 21882253)
Why do they not design bikes like these anymore. I guess closes are Pashley bikes.

Yep, I will be adding a Pashley path racer style bike to the stable.

jamesdak 01-17-21 03:49 PM


Force 01-17-21 04:36 PM

That is an awesome photograph

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