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unworthy1 01-22-21 05:47 PM

"How my bikes are Made": Video of eRitchie, 2008
Very worthwhile way to spend some idle time: watch and learn how an American master builder, Richard Sachs, does it (circa 2008).

I gather that Vimeo will have this available for free viewing for 30 days so watch you calendars.

UPDATE with a quote from The Man:
"Des Horsfield has placed his video, *Imperfection Is Perfection*, on Vimeo
for a 30 day free viewing. If my dates are correct, it was produced in 2008
after he (Des) spent a year on and off filming me in the studio as well as
at some race venues."
AND: apologies that I mis-spelt his handle, it S/B "e-Richie" but I cannot correct that now

canyoneagle 01-22-21 06:19 PM

Pretty cool! Thanks for posting this.

Classtime 01-22-21 07:47 PM

Cool Dude if I say so myself. Weird that some of my students were bored by that documentary on one of those stupid video days🤔


SurferRosa 01-22-21 09:46 PM

:love: Best thing I saw all day.

Johno59 01-23-21 06:38 AM

Thanks for posting

rccardr 01-23-21 08:27 AM

No matter how many times I watch that, never gets old.
This was made in 1978 and is an amazing ride. Based on his interview in 2007, he feels that his work just keeps on improving.
One can only imagine.

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