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since6 02-05-21 05:00 PM

Stevenson Custom Race Frame-Fork Build
Recently as gift from wife I was able to pick up a Stevenson Custom race bike frame made in 2000 by Bill Stevenson, this will be my third custom bike from him. It is my current project as I have the frame repainted and refurbished but before this the first task will be to replace the carbon fiber fork. This fork is quite nice and as I recall carbon fiber was quite in at the time this frame was made, now is there anything not made of carbon fiber. Lol

But for me it had to go, this lovely hand made steel frame deserved completion and that would mean a hand build lugged fork by Bill Stevenson.

since6 02-05-21 05:04 PM

And this is that fork nearing completion. I selected the stainless steel fork crown and stainless steel drop outs and Bill provided the polishing and build, enjoy. When the fork is completed I'll post again before it goes to the painter along with the frame after it has been stripped.

In the top picture if you look close you can see the lettering that is on my camera lens reflected in the polished stainless steel.

since6 02-05-21 05:07 PM

And now the drop outs.

The painter was a pinstripe painter and will be able to fill in the small cut out inside the drop out with the frame color.

Take Care.

P.L.Jensen 02-05-21 06:35 PM

Sweet...Bill and Corey Thompson are local treasures... (I'm a Lacey guy too)

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