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clubman 02-09-21 06:40 PM

Differences in Campy Rings
Are their differences between the Nuovo Gran Sport and the Strada chainrings? I see the obvious crankarm differences and the rings look close, but something bugs me. Splain it to me Lucy.

oneclick 02-10-21 08:44 AM

People who can afford Record know how to count?

conspiratemus1 02-10-21 10:19 AM

Q: In a “V” of flying geese, why does one leg of the V look longer than the other?
A: The long leg has more geese in it.

Edit: in this case the goose count appears to be the same and I was fooled by an optical illusion. I can't read the tooth count engraved on the NR set to be sure it's the same as the 52 on the NGS but I get 26 teeth on 180 degrees of ring not hiding under the arm.
The two photos are different resolution and shot from different camera angles -- the B&W shot of the NGS is more elliptical than what I take to be the Velobase photo of the NR. The GS is magnified compared to the NR. But because the GS crank arm is pointing more toward the camera it is foreshortened and appears to be ~ the same length on the image as the NR crank (9.8 cm vs 10.0 cm on my monitor.) This fools you into thinking the images are the same size and the rings on the NR must therefore be smaller. They do look "different" but perhaps they are not. I know I would have to look at physical specimens of both, side by side, in order to tell differences, especially in finish.

The only difference I can see is that the "Campagnolo [blurred tooth count]" on the NR is engraved along the inner edge of the big ring, while the NGS photo shows "Campagnolo <52> " nearer the outer edge. The early catalogue photos (or whatever you call those lovely old etching-type illustrations) show Record rings engraved as in the Velobase shot. But the ?1982 catalogue shows the Record crankset part 1049 with outboard-engraved rings and the Gran Sport part 0304 with inboard engravings. , click ahead to p. 26 to see GS. Furthermore, the illustrations a page or two further on of the rings as individual spare parts, with different part numbers called out for Record vs. Gran Sport rings show the opposite: inboard on the Record and outboard on the GS -- like the OP's photos. Now, if the rings were all visually similar, the photographer might not have bothered to use the correct loose part for catalogue photos, as long as the company shipped the correct ring to fulfill an order. So I adduce this as evidence that the location of the engraving is not a "tell", at least not in catalogue photos, as to what the actual differences might be, if any, between NR and 5-hole GS rings.

If the "alloy" and the finish were different on the GS cf. NR, then the rings cannot be "the same."

My own Record crank dated 1983 bought used ~10 years ago came with out-board engraved rings, as per the ?1982 catalogue I am citing here.

xiaoman1 02-10-21 10:36 AM

I am not a Campagnolo expert and the OP is asking a question that seems important to him.....any Campy experts care to weigh in on the topic?
Best, Ben

jdawginsc 02-10-21 11:11 AM

I was under the impression that rings were the same, if not slightly different alloy and finish.

CV-6 02-10-21 11:12 AM

A look at a catalog showed me that the part number for the rings differed only in the addition of GS and a BCD number to that of the NR crank. 753GS/144

clubman 02-10-21 03:50 PM

Thanks for the responses, for some reason I'm no longer getting notifications when I get replies to my posts. And I'm buried in work. I'm looking at each of these two cranksets at home and I vaguely remember someone commenting on NGS cranks...maybe @cudak888?
Sure I count, my 'no year' NGS is a 53/42 with Patent Campagnolo <53> on the inboard (smaller) web of the outside face. My 84 NR has a 52 ring with Brev Campagnolo on the outboard/larger web on the outside face.
They just look different and I can't take clean pics because one is on my bike on the trainer. Important? Maybe not, unless I want to sell either and want to be accurate with my descriptions. @CV-6, a different part number suggests a different part I figure.
The finished on the GS has been tarnished with shop storage but the alloy seems to be the same.

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