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SpeedofLite 02-10-21 03:37 PM

Equipment/Product Review (1984) Touring Shoes

tkamd73 02-10-21 03:49 PM

Still use my Avocet 20s that I got in 85, wish I could find another pair, size 12 please.

SpeedofLite 02-10-21 04:15 PM

I had a pair of the Patrick Cyclo shoes.
Although they were a bit narrow for me, the sole did a great job of gripping my Atom pedals in both neutral and toed-out postions.
I would buy them again if I wanted a pair to walk and ride when using non-clipless vintage pedals.

bOsscO 02-10-21 04:19 PM

Man all these old articles are great to see after so many years.

bikemig 02-10-21 04:57 PM

I was a fan of the Bata bikers. They weren’t great but they weren’t bad. And most importantly I could afford them, :thumb:

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