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Dylansbob 03-14-21 08:25 AM

Early 70s higher-end original sales prices?
I know there were regional variations and I've seen prices comparisons on the lower end machines as they compared to other marques, but I'm curious to what the 1972ish prices were on Raleigh Professional/International lines or for that matter what would a new Bob Jackson would have been back then in comparison.

obrentharris 03-14-21 09:41 AM

In 1970 my PX-10 cost $160. My recollection (which is not always reliable) is that the Raleigh Pro was about $100 more. In 1972 or '73 I bought a Bob Jackson frame but do not remember the price. I do remember that they were only available as a frameset, not a complete bike. You, or your LBS, then built it up from your choice of components.


cb400bill 03-14-21 10:03 AM

Nice house

Dylansbob 03-14-21 10:09 AM

Originally Posted by cb400bill (Post 21966633)
Nice house

And view!!

Growing up in the midwestern cornfields, I am still stunned by the topography of the west coast.

canyoneagle 03-14-21 10:34 AM

Wow! Amazing that you still have the receipt.

Inconceivable to me - I’ve moved so many times since graduating college in the 80’s (something like 30 moves - 4 countries and 10-12 states) that I’ve had to frequently cull my things.
I’ve finally settled down......

I recall “lightweights” selling in the $150-300 range in the 70’s, with a pretty steep increase in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

obrentharris 03-14-21 11:08 AM

Originally Posted by cb400bill (Post 21966633)
Nice house

Originally Posted by Dylansbob (Post 21966643)
And view!!

Growing up in the midwestern cornfields, I am still stunned by the topography of the west coast.

Hard to believe that in 1964, when my parents bought the house for $24,000, this was a middle class neighborhood, affordable to a high-school teacher and his family.
The emergence of Silicone Valley has had a profound economic effect on the San Francisco peninsula.
Alas, my mother sold it in about 1980, so we will not be cashing in on its current value!

due ruote 03-14-21 11:10 AM

That’s $1085 in 2021 dollars, just for reference.

I seem to recall my ‘73 Gran Sport costing considerably more than that PX-10. But I am going by memory, and maybe the boom pricing was kicking in.

rando_couche 03-14-21 11:12 AM

When I bought my first "good" bike (a Jeunet 620, full 531db, French components) in 1973 for $250, the shop had a full Campy milled-and-drilled Colnago Super on the wall for $550, and I thought "you'd have to be nuts to spend that much on a bike".

cb400bill 03-14-21 11:21 AM

1972 - P13-9 Professional Road Racing Paramount ......$350.00

T-Mar 03-14-21 01:02 PM

From the April 1972 issue of Bicycling! magazine, the MSRPs were $427.00 US MSRP for the Professional and $327.95 US for the International. Note the reviewer's name.
A few years late they reviewed a Bob Jackson Grand Prix with Japanese components...

nlerner 03-14-21 01:37 PM

clubman 03-14-21 03:47 PM

I think prices climbed fast from '70 on. A basic '69 SC was well under $300.

SJX426 03-14-21 04:07 PM

I recall the Motobecane Le Champion was selling for $315 in 1972 in a small college town called College Place Wa. I bought one the next year that was used for $200.
This is what it looked like in2008 a year before it was mangled by a car pulling in front of me. Motobecane Le Champion 24" on Flickr

markk900 03-14-21 05:02 PM

Anecdotal only, but in 1974 or so I paid $175 CAD for my Wes Mason (aka MKM) frame only.....*that* represented a LOT of saving my pennies.....

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