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Seizedpost 03-14-21 11:54 AM

Kickstand no for Schwinn Twinn
Hello all,

I am fixing up an old tandem for a friend, The head tube serial number is seemingly defaced almost beyond legibility, with (as best as I can tell) a new serial number stamped over the original one. The marked-up photo shows the new serial that's been stamped over the old one(Why would this be done?) But I have been able to determine that the serial number is JR808XX (last two original numbers are GONE). That, combined with the frame design, tells me that this is a 1980 Schwinn Twinn DeLuxe, and that the front fork and brakes, as well as the Shimano coaster brake, are not original. Also it's been painted at some point.

Does anyone know what Schwinn kickstand number I would need for a 1980 Schwinn Twinn? I can't seem to find the info online, and the kickstand is entirely missing except for the welded-on frame bracket.
I couldn't get the whole serial in one shot. This looks like a J, followed by a very faint R, Followed by an indescipherable character with an incomplete R under it,

Seizedpost 03-14-21 12:06 PM

Also I need to replace the threaded-on bearing races for the bottom brackets. I've never done that before with a one-piece crank. Are they pretty much all interchangeable or do I need to find a specidic one?

bulgie 03-14-21 05:22 PM

I have an older Twinn, 1970, but the frame looks identical to yours. The kickstand on mine is distinctly longer than a normal Schwinn built-in kickstand, so it sticks out wider when deployed (down). Presumably they felt the extra weight of the tandem deserves a wider bracing angle on the kickstand. Mine is so long it hits the hub axle nut when up.

I think that means that is going to be hard to find. I think only an actual Twinn kickstand will work, not say one off a Varsity.

OK I just went out and measured. The one on my similar-vintage Super Sport measures 11-1/2" from the tip (ground end) to where it disappears inside the frame fitting. The one on the Twinn measures 15-1/2", a full 4" longer.

But since yours is newer than mine, maybe they changed the design? YKMMV (Your kickstand mileage may vary)

Oh and those bottom bracket races don't thread in, they are a press-fit. Try to get genuine Schwinn cups, they're higher-quality than others like off a Huffy. You can also get threaded adapters if you want to "upgrade" to 3-piece cranks that use British or ISO threaded bearing cups. The heavy 1-piece cranks are part of the charm of a Twinn though. They add ground-hugging mass for faster downhills too!

Enjoy your Twinn, we love ours and it gets ridden pretty often.

Mark B

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