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mccormid@gmail. 03-15-21 09:38 AM

Schwinn Deluxe (5 spd) Twinn Spokes & Nipples
I'm looking for replacement spokes and nipples for my early 70's Tandem. Both wheels need to be True'd and a handful of nipples on both front and back rims are stripped on the inside (the flats) and the outside (nipple screwdriver slots) of the rim.

The spokes are 2.7 mm in diameter and 10.5" long on rear wheel, 11" on front wheel. The nipples are 4.4 mm on the diameter and 3.8 mm on the flats. I've tried ebay and did order one set, they were the proper length but only half-size-diametrically.

Any help will be greatly appreciated - Dan

Velo Mule 03-15-21 01:26 PM

If it were me, I'd get stainless steel spokes. For a project like this the Sapim Strong might be a good fit. It is a butted spoke with 2.3mm at the J-bend and 2mm the rest of the way and 2mm for the nipple. Sapin also makes a single butted spoke called the Leader that is 2.6mm end to end. DT Pillar and Wheelsmith should also have equivalents.

I only see the Strong available at The bike hub store

I see that ProWheelBuilder has the Leader available.

With e-bikes and their higher forces, I would think that getting heavier gauge spokes should be easier. I am only looking at one source, there are other good sources of spokes.

mccormid@gmail. 03-15-21 01:46 PM

Schwinn Tandem Spokes
Dear Velo Mule,

This information is great - I like them both and will be ordering both to try them on.

Thank you very much for the quick response, much appreciated.

Best Regards, Dan

canyoneagle 03-15-21 01:53 PM

If it were me I'd fully rebuild both wheels. Pull a drive side and non-drive side spoke from the rear to verify measurement (in mm), same with front (both should be equal up there). Large gauge stainless spokes with brass nipples would be the ticket. Wheelsmith, Sapim, DT should offer something suitable.

mccormid@gmail. 03-15-21 02:24 PM

Schwinn Tandem spokes and nipples
Dear Canyoneagle,

Brass nipples is a smart idea and should extend the usable lifetime. Doing all the spokes is also wise, though my truing skills and fixture (Minoura FT-1) are hardly professional quality. But I still may give it a shot -

Thank you very much - Dan

Jeff Wills 03-15-21 10:04 PM

OK... people are missing that these are 12 gauge spokes- 0.105" thick as opposed to the more common 14 gauge, .080" thick spokes. This is what Schwinn used on the Twinn tandems back then. The hub and rim are drilled to accommodate them. Using narrower spokes will result in breakage.

There are several companies selling them for E-bikes and motorized bikes. I found this with a couple minutes of Googling:
Pillar Silver Custom Cut Spokes & Nipples. 12 Gauge. E-bike Spokes. Free Shipping. – Sunny Spokes

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