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alpanian 03-18-21 06:37 AM

Shoes for PD-7200 pedals?
Hi all
I'm a bit of a newbie at vintage bikes, and it seems there's so much to learn!
I recently bought a 1981 Koga Miyata Proracer which I am restoring as closely as possible to its original state. The pedals are Dura Ace EX PD-7200. They have a kind of triangular clip, which I assume fits a shimano shoe plate (scew on?) from that era. However, I am not finding much information online, and I was only 3 years old at the time....:foo:

So what kind of shoes would a rider have used at the time with this pedal? What would you use today if you wanted to be close to era specific gear (i.e. eroica style), without going for pricey NOS articles?

Any help much appreciated!

Ex Pres 03-18-21 07:16 AM

Link to a pic of the cleats [with the next model pedals]: Business Cycles: Shimano 7400 Pedals and PD-64 Cleats Pix

EDIT: are the cleats the same for 7200? I'm not 100% sure

steelbikeguy 03-18-21 07:54 AM

Those aero Shimano pedals did have that funky extra bracket at the front that engaged a special cleat. It is shown in this photo on flickr...

I've used the Shimano 105 version of the pedal with more conventional slotted cleats, though. I've used them with older shoes with slotted cleats, and with newer Shimano shoes that had fittings for Look cleats. Shimano sold slotted cleats (as indicated in the flickr photo) that attached to the Look bolt pattern. They sold other cleats that didn't have the weird fitting at the front, and it worked fine. I used them with Shimano shoes that had a very minimal front velcro closure that didn't interfere with the toe strap.
A couple of shots of this set-up...

btw, I've got extra cleats of this style that I'd be happy to sell. PM me for details. My parts box is overflowing!

Steve in Peoria

Dylansbob 03-18-21 09:17 AM

I have a set of 7400s that I used Sugru to fill in the platform and give my foot more support for wearing normal shoes.

Great story on how I got them. I found the left pedal at my favorite thrift shop for $3, 3 MONTHS LATER, I found the right. Then a week later, at a different thrift shop, I found the wrench for servicing. All together they ran me ~$5.

alpanian 03-18-21 10:34 AM

OK. Thanks so much for clarifying that. So I reckon, based on other comments online (and your pic steelbikeguy ), that these pedals also work without cleats. I am looking at something like this: steel-vintage(dot)com/vittoria-1976-classic-shoes-detail

The images with the provided insert show a triangle that might even slot into the right place, and the one with the shoe in the campagnolo pedal clearly doesn't have a cleat on it.

What do you think?

SJX426 03-18-21 11:04 AM

They will work without cleats. All "rat trap" pedals do.

I have thought about getting the Vittoria shoes. I am concerned that since they are Italian, they may be too narrow. Cost is another consideration. I too need a shoe for caged pedals.
I have these that are bit worn on Flickr on Flickr

rando_couche 03-18-21 12:16 PM

Looks like any old-style slotted cleat will work. That said, shoes like that aren't terribly common any more.

alpanian 03-19-21 01:29 AM

SJX426 I found one website that offers a wide version: http://www.motustriathlon(dot)com/en...g-shoe-classic

alpanian 03-19-21 07:57 AM

SJX426 check motustriathlon(doot)com They sell a "wide" version.

jiangshi 03-19-21 08:17 AM

These will work: Bicycle Shoe Cleats for Toeclip Pedals $29.95 at Yellow Jersey

I have found that modern shoes are too tall for use with cleats. You need lace shoes, like these: A Tranche of Vintage Italian Cycling Shoes at Yellow Jersey

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