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jamesdak 04-18-21 04:22 PM

Took in on trade - De Rosa Neo Pro (maybe)?
Met up with a local bike enthusiast yesterday to finish up a deal that saw 4 of my bikes going his way with me getting a ton of money and this De Rosa in trade. I think it's 90's Neo Pro but really not sure yet. It is a pretty nicely equipped bike that's not mint but looks pretty dang good until you get really close. Sorted it out a bit this morning planning to do a little test ride on it but too much wind while out doing 30 miles on the Wayne Evans bike left my tired and not feeling like taking this one back out.

What I've noticed on it so far is that it's got a triple setup of Chorus/Racing T parts, Mavic Kysrium SL SSC wheels (same as on the Evans), Chris King headset, Ti Campagnolo seatpost (I think), those S&S couplers, Fizik Allante carbon Ti saddle,Conti Grand Prix Force/Attack tires, Easton EC90 Fork, some kind of FSA wing C.F. bars and a funky setup for the stem. Weighs 19 lbs and 7 ozs once I pulled the unneeded wired computer stuff off. I'll also most likely be putting some 700 x 25 Continental GP 4000s II on this as the roads here suck and I usually need the extra cushioning. Looks like plenty of room to fit those size of tires. I've also got to swap out that mismatched grey cable housing going into the rear brake, not sure what's up with that. Bars are a little too close and will need to be lowered, I'll start by flipping the stem.
After a quick going over this morning and with the saddle dialed in to my fit.
S&S couplers and Genius tubing
Paints not too bad, we all know De Rosa didn't put a lot into the paint on these.
Triple, bring on the Mountains
Cassette looks to have plenty of life left once I got it off this morning and cleaned it up.
Gotta love that heart.
Curious to see how it rides with this fork
Shifters look to be in good shape and are working well.
Seatpost is a bit beat up but feels really light.
Check out the cutout in the dropout, never saw the like on any of my bikes. The non-drive side is a cutout hole like you normally expect.

jamesdak 04-18-21 04:24 PM

Some more pics
Genius tubing
Love the headbadge
I've never had bars like this before
Light but strong wheels.

jamesdak 04-18-21 04:26 PM


Got some odd parts with it too. New DT shifters, new lockring, new DT cable housing adapters, new Sedisport gold chain, and some other odd stuff. Also got the hard travel case for this as well as the various tube protection sleeves.

notenoughdaylig 04-18-21 05:39 PM

Looks gorgeous from up close, too! Those bars are my favorite for long climbs. They put my hands in just the right position when I'm on the tops.

rando_couche 04-18-21 07:13 PM

Looks nice. Too bad about the plastic fork.

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