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cdaniels 05-06-21 05:25 PM

Anyone heard of Dino Delloni bicyles?
Anyone heard of the brand? I just got a frame with that name on it. It has an Italian flag decal on the downtube so I guess it's Italian. Definatly not top of the line but decent non the less. I have searched Google and come up with mostly children's bikes and an occasional adult bike but no real info. Just looking for some basic info about the brand and what they offered.

Thanks in advance

cb400bill 05-06-21 06:24 PM


cdaniels 05-07-21 12:30 PM

I am not looking for feedback on this frame just about the brand in general. Good, bad, indifferent, opinions. Or where I can find info on the brand. Has anyone had one etc...

jdawginsc 05-07-21 12:35 PM

I think the seat tube is bent...

Not many bikes use a Cooper Black font, for sure. At first when I opened this thread up I thought it was a prank but that is an honest to gosh interesting looking lower end frame.

cdaniels 05-07-21 03:04 PM

I wasn't sure about the decal when I bought it but liked the look the frame has. I did find replacement decals on the German eBay ( so I assume its the real thing, I have found an occasional DD bike but very few and no info on anything. I also found one frame that list as a DD but it has Cast dropouts with a derailleur hanger and braze on mounts. It reminds me of the very expensive TT/LoPro bikes of the 80's with the bent tubes. But this was cheap enough to play with. Here are some pics now that it has some parts on it.

Vaang 05-07-21 03:13 PM

It IS a prank! Well sort of... the Brand "Dino Deloni" was created by the German bike producer Schauff which still exists today.
Back in the day Italian bikes were selling for higher prices in Germany than local bike brands. To cash in on that fact several German traders relabeled bought frames with Italian sounding fantasy names i.e. Cratoni
The then owner of Schauff was making fun of this fact by creating a new brand named "Dino Delloni". To get the joke you have to know that "Delle" in German means dent! "Enrico Risotto" was a close runner up when he was naming the brand.
Your frame looks a lot like the infamous Schauff Lancome, a bike created by Schauff as a price for a competition by perfume maker Lancome. The bike looked to the untrained beholder like a fast and good bike, but it was anything but as it was made with the cheapest available parts

jdawginsc 05-07-21 03:31 PM

Firstly, that has to be the highest level componented Dino Delloni in definitely makes it look sort of interesting.

And I want that green crankset. It's funny, it reminded me of those ads for the installable fairings for wheels and the ones for handlebars...can't remember the brand that did fairings and not sure the same company did them for wheels and the cockpit.

cdaniels 05-13-21 12:56 PM

First ride
I finished putting it together today when the shifter clamp finally arrived. Double checked everything and took it around the block for a shakedown ride. It seems to ride pretty good and is very stable at speed. For a low end frame, it performs better than some I've had that cost a lot more. I put it on my bathroom scale and it weighs in at 19.6 lbs. Not to bad.

I am very happy with it. I might change out the gear for record parts later to match the wheels.

SoccerBallXan 05-13-21 01:12 PM

This bike is freaking awesome. I'm glad you've done it up. A promotion funny bike for a fragrance brought alive with some campy. Cool!

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