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How often do you build a bike? Why?

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

How often do you build a bike? Why?

Old 07-06-21, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by xiaoman1 View Post
Is it clear or neutral in color?
...it's kind of milky looking when it comes out, but seems to get sucked into the rubber and dries clear. So far the only old, kind of borderline, hoods I've used it on were some Campy gum rubber hoods, that came on a Cinelli SC. It has made them usable enough that I probably will not replace them anytime soon. Not miraculous, but somewhat better than Armor All.
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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...it's kind of milky looking when it comes out, but seems to get sucked into the rubber and dries clear. So far the only old, kind of borderline, hoods I've used it on were some Campy gum rubber hoods, that came on a Cinelli SC. It has made them usable enough that I probably will not replace them anytime soon. Not miraculous, but somewhat better than Armor All.
Always heard Armor All dries out car dashes so I assume the same for hoods. I use 303 Protectant. Not used for years and years yet so no idea on longevity. Same type of formula as you note, comes out milky white and comes out clear. Spray on and wipe off excess. Gives the hoods Iíve used it on a great nice supple feel.
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Originally Posted by Murray Missile View Post
I was doing SO good on the downsizing too but then all Hell broke loose on the local classifieds and it's been a C & V tall project bike smorgasbord lately. The problem is I'm apparently the only tall person buying so after a few weeks the sellers get desperate and slash their prices to a number I can't refuse. Unfortunately everything I have left to sell is a 25" frame which means I would have to slash MY prices eventually and then I'd probably buy it myself because it was too cheap so it's cheaper to just keep them. It's a vicious circle.
this describes my bike buying, collecting, hoarding to a T. I also ride 25" frames, live in an area that doesn't have a lot of bikes, but nice ones tend to come up for low ish prices and little competition to buy them. They usually sit out there for a bit, then I swoop in and buy them. When it comes to selling, I actually bought a bike back that I sold twice cause the seller was selling it so cheap...he couldnt deal with the friction shifters...

As far as how many do I complete? Thats tough, right now I am interested in newer 9+ Spd Ultegra/Dura Ace bikes that have value in their components and frames, part them for high end groups and wheelsets for my steel builds and sell the excess frame/parts for break even on the whole bike build. This formula has me moving more bikes through the shop, but fewer actual completed builds. I plan to continue to build up a nice stock of great parts and then complete my steel builds as I get more time. Or I may just be collecting some great parts...
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Old 07-07-21, 02:43 PM
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Too many.

Between 1-3 a year at the moment. And pretty much all of them for myself or close friends. Currently I just wrapped up one build (though that's technically two bikes in one thread, one of which isn't finished yet), have a 70's tandem that I want to wrap up later this year, a 1999 hybrid and a 60's lightweight upright bike that has been dormant the past couple of years.
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Old 07-08-21, 07:03 AM
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I had sort of settled into a stable of bikes that seemed to do everything I needed in the last few years, but there's always that nagging "N+1" feeling. I know better than to give into the feeling when I know that the usefulness of another bike is in question, but time makes fools of us all. Soon to have a detached garage in my new house, I have a feeling like I'll be purchasing some spare hooks for the wall...

With a month to go before my move to Portland at the end of July, I really needed something to take my mind off of the stress of homebuying and moving logistics. Been riding indexed 9 speed stuff for several years now, haven't had anything with a freewheel or friction shifter since maybe 2016, so naturally I wanted to build up a classic 10 speed. Found this beautiful frame being sold by fender1 and successfully distracted myself for a few weeks on building it up from frame/fork. Rode it twice, and then packed it away. I guess I get to rebuild it again in 3 weeks.

1973 Zeus Competition
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Old 07-08-21, 07:35 AM
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All my bikes, just once, cause their old, and or well used when I get them.

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I have a Raleigh mk2 awaiting overhaul, a grand prix, and a drop bar conversion in various states 🥸.
I have plenty of other road , touring or vintage mountain bikes that can commute, so there waiting. My motivation is to see how they ride to finish them, however a pretty minty touring bike popped up on face book, then I think of buying again..help 🥸

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I've only built two bikes, both of which I stripped most/all parts off the frame then built back up with existing or new parts.
1. In 2003 I bought a whole bike (some non-descript steel framed Nishiki MTB) from the sports consignment store 'Cheapskates' for $90 Canadian (CAD). I needed a commuter that wouldn't be of interest to thieves so I stripped it down to the frame, sanded and spray-repainted it, and then put it back together with 1.9" slicks and a few mods I had collected. It wasn't that involved but it was a fun learning experience.
2. Last year I bought another whole bike (spray-bombed MTB) off CL for $175 CAD. I wanted a crusty city cruiser I could lock up and not worry about, but with COVID in full effect I had a lot of extra time on my hands to dig into the bike further than I'd originally anticipated. After stripping down to the frame and removing the previous owners rattle-can spray job, the frame started to reveal it's history. I came back to BF to post photos and lot's of you chimed in with helpful opinions and information. Sure enough I had a '93 Mongoose IBOC Comp. Figured it deserved a refresh so I did just that. Full description here; Vintage MTB To Upright Bar / Urban Bike Conversions
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I've done it for all but two of my bikes - and I've been through some 18 already.

Some I have had the frame painted, but for most I just assemble them myself, dunno if that counts as a complete build though

The last and ongoing project is have a Kilauea frame (1996) retrofitted with disc tabs - from there it's either return it to a 26/27.5er or go the "gravel" way - (which I actually took some 10 years ago trying to imitate John Tomac when he raced with drop bars on his bike)
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Old 07-12-21, 02:52 PM
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Do flippers count? Mine all get stripped to the frame and overhauled from there; pretty much the same as a build from scratch.

You know it's going to be a good day when the stem and seatpost come right out.

(looking for a picture and not seeing it? Thank the Photobucket fiasco.PM me and I'll link it up.)
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Old 07-13-21, 09:53 AM
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Depends on the year. Since 2013 I purchased about 35. I had to slow down. Last year I purchased 5.
Honestly I only buy Garage Queens. I'm not into painting or repairing rust. I do enjoy relacing the wheels, polishing the components, re-wrapping the bars etc. Now I'm just buying holy grail bikes that are harder to find. That has really slowed things down.

From Illinois. Collector of many fine bicycles from all over the world. Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Just search John's vintage road bike garage
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In the 8 years of me building bikes I think I did about 15 bikes. Some were ground-up restaurations, like my Ard Schenk Gazelle Special and the nearly finished Gazelle Criterium, other were more like "you find an interesting frame" and build them with a nice groupset to either be sold or kept in the collection. Glad I made pictures of all of them, I could make a list. But roughly 2 bikes per year, and the most desirable one, or at least the frame, will hopefully arrive tomorrow!
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