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madscrambler 08-09-21 10:45 AM

Schwinn Continental Pre 1963 nice decals!
Very early Schwinn very original though incomplete; I have wanted to share these photos for a long time. The bike is not mine and unfortunately the photos are not perfect. The bike with it's original finish and decals took my breath away when I saw it. It reflects, in my opinion, the pride Schwinn had in producing such a beautiful and useful object. The bike is owned by a member of this forum and perhaps he may oblige us with further details. I am not certain of the date of MFG but it is very early in the run of this popular bike.
Very sorry bad photo but only one of complete bike i have

dddd 08-09-21 11:41 AM

I believe this is a first-year Continental. 1960 I think.

BTW, the same-year's Varsity model would have 26" wheels and a four-speed block.

I paid around $250 for this example found locally. The ~80-yr-old seller who was the bike's original owner contacted me a year later as he had found the bike's original rear derailer, so the refurb is now back on track. Lucky for me it's the 24" frame model, the only size that fits (Varsinentals fit tall due to a super-high bb, but very short forward reach due to the ~70-degree seat tube angle).

John E 08-09-21 12:04 PM

I notice the rear derailleur replacement/upgrade/modernization of the second specimen's rear derailleur. The original units were some of the worst derailleurs available in 1960, and the only reason Keith Kingbay chose them for the Varsinentals is that they were $1.27 cheaper than the Huret Allvit. There was a great story in "The Dancing Chain" about Kingbay getting the Huret brothers drunk at a Chicago steak house, and having Roger Huret agree to meet Lucien Juy's price. By 1962, the Continentals no longer had suicide front shift and bandspring/chain rear shift, but had moved at least slightly into the modern era. Center pull brakes came in around that time (Schwinn experts can correct me on that, as well). What I really liked about the original 3-bolt crank spider was that it took standard SImplex 3-to-6 adapters, allowing numerous chainring combinations and options, although the original half-step (50-47 on the Varsity, 52-49 on the Conti) wasn't too bad.

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