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RogueJay 12-22-21 02:37 PM

How Old is this Schwinn Super Le Tour II?
Greetings! I need some Schwinn Gurus to lend their expertise. From what I have learned on-line, here's what I know about this bike I'm going to refurbish:
  • Serial #L922818 was on the left rear dropout
  • There isn't an ID on the headbadge
  • Frame was built in Japan in November in 1979 (if I'm reading everything correctly.)
But what has me scratching my head is that the decals look like those on a 1979 but I thought these were made in Chicago and would have an "S" in the serial number?
Rear derailleur is the Shimano Altus and aside from the seat, the bike has all the components listed in the '79 catalog.

Could the frame be from 1979 but was not assembled until 1980?



bikemike73 12-22-21 06:31 PM

To answer your question...Yes

This was very common. I believe yours is a December 79 frame so it would be an 80 model.

There have been instances where the serial number on the frame is 1975 and its on a 1978 bike . This long of a gap was usually for warranty issues.

BikingViking793 12-23-21 11:17 AM

The super Le tours II were only 79 and should be Chicago. Do you have the made in decal or the type of steel decal? Should be on the seat tube. Your serial number does seem to be Japan.

T-Mar 12-23-21 12:29 PM

Based on the serial number, it should be a 1979 model manufactured by Bridgestone of Japan. While Grant Peterson is on record as saying that the alpha character is a month designator, the growing database of Bridgestone serial numbers indicates that it is likely a fortnight indicator that consists of all alpha characters from A though Z. An L-prefix would put it it mid calendar year, which is early enough that it would be a 1979 model.

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