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Out the Door: Show Your N-1s for 2021

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Out the Door: Show Your N-1s for 2021

Old 12-29-21, 03:53 AM
Drillium Dude 
Gone riding
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Out the Door: Show Your N-1s for 2021

Yeah, we don't talk about this often - but we should. The time comes for all bikes to move on; let's face it, they'll outlast us all if properly cared for. Everybody has their own reasons for thinning the herd. In the past year I've let two (actually three) go, and while they were two very nice rides, they were a little on the small side if I'm honest. And sometimes you own something just long enough, you know? Others need to fund new projects - and some of those projects aren't even bike-related. Yeah, bring on the pitchforks

My 2021 N-1s follow.

'73 Colnago Super in February:

The same buyer and I had done a deal for the ca. '85 Somec Supercorsa (frame/fork/HS) barely a week before:

So, yeah - two big bike sales early in the year to the same person and another frame to a second buyer. With the exception of various components, that's it for the year. The stable is now stable at 7 bikes

What did you say goodbye to in 2021?

My Flickr pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30331021@N08/

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Old 12-29-21, 04:06 AM
Overdoing projects
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Not much after february but I sold the Gazelle Grand Tourist this year after building it up to be a completely functional bike again. Build thread here.

Also built a Koga-Miyata Adventure mixte for a neighbour who was in need of a new bicycle after her old one died.

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Old 12-29-21, 04:09 AM
Im a little Surly
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While not gone its stripped and in a box, its parts are now on other bikes.
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Old 12-29-21, 06:40 AM
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For no other reason than it was time. It had been sitting on the trainer the past few years and it deserved better than sitting in the basement and being ridden on only the coldest of days. The Proteus had been with me for 7 or 8 years and was my skinniest tire bike which is probably why it has not seen the outdoors much.

5 bikes seems to be the right amount for me. I get more than that and I loose track of maintenance, less and I get bored riding the same old thing.

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Old 12-29-21, 07:12 AM
Doesn't brain good.
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While not C or V in any way whatsoever, I minused this one from my stable as a gift to a friend of the Co-Op that had finally gotten himself clean.

Seen here in 700c configuration, before I gifted it, I had sourced & reinstalled the little used OEM Sora groupset, & installed a Kona fork that was 2cm taller axle to crown. This slackened out the head tube angle & raised the bottom bracket.

I didn't like the bike quite that tall. So, I then installed 26 inch wheels & 559x54 tires that lowered the whole bike & returned the trail, standover height to be exactly the same (& the flop +/- 1mm) as OEM equipped with OEM 700x35 tires. This also made the bottom bracket height 6mm lower, but nevertheless the same as the bike came OEM if it were equipped with 700x23, which is how I ran it for nearly 10,000 miles, anyway.

(Sort of like a 650b conversion, but one step further to 26 & swapping a fork to get the math right. )

I hope he likes it. With the 2 inch Paselas, It'll be one heck of an all-road, go anywhere bike for when he want's to "get away from it all."

Farewell, 2021

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I haven’t let go of any bikes for a few years. Even though a couple are just a tad small for me , I still ride and enjoy them . I am in the slow process of building up a couple more so who knows what the future holds. At some point maybe , but not just yet!
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Old 12-29-21, 07:44 AM
Spaghetti Legs 
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I sold this 85 Pinarello Record to a nice gentleman who had 20 years of regret for selling his back in the 90s. I have a verbal agreement to sell the 82 Super frame and fork back to the BFer I bought it from 4-5 years ago. That will technically I suppose be a 2022 sale. In the non CV category I sold my longtime city bike/commuter Specialized Langster to make room for a bike better suited for racks and fenders. All of these went/will go to good homes, so makes me happy to move them on. Im a net + for the year, despite not actively really trying to acquire more bikes.

N = '96 Colnago C40, '04 Wilier Alpe D'Huez, '10 Colnago EPS, '85 Merckx Pro, '89 Merckx Century, '86 Tommasini Professional, '04 Teschner Aero FX Pro, '05 Alan Carbon Cross, '86 De Rosa Professional, '82 Colnago Super, '95 Gios Compact Pro, '95 Carrera Zeus, '84 Basso Gap, 89 Cinelli Supercorsa, 83 Bianchi Specialissima, VO Randonneur, Ritchey Breakaway Steel, '84 Paletti Super Prestige, Heron Randonneur

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Oh wow, I did a serious downsize this year. So......let's see. Everything sold locally and at a loss. But that's all cool when you get to see the smiles on the new owners.

Hard to let this one go, Giordana Antares with Dura Ace.

This was part of a package deal. Friend had borrowed it and, "took it off a curb". Rear dropout messed up by buyer was fine with that.

Great ride but too small and the paint was pretty rough.

Never put a single mile on this once the build. New owner loves it. I regret this too.

Faced reality that this was smaller than preferred too.

Didn't need multiple triple bikes so part of a package deal to a local collector.

Some folks came by for another bike but talked me out of this one too.

Probably should have kept this for winter use.

This one never got an honest chance from me.

Got rid of this odd errand bike after purchasing a new Azor dutch bike as a replacement.
Steel is real...and comfy.
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Old 12-29-21, 08:09 AM
2k miles from the midwest
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I sold off about a dozen bikes that weren't my size, so I wasn't particularly attached to any of them. While not very CV, the 2 modern ones occasionally cause some remorse. They were both dirt cheap purchases that made nice profit, but there's no way I'll ever see them again at those original prices.

Just a nice, larger sized Stumpy.... but I won't own a "S"

My "monster truck" With 2.1 tires, the bb height was 325mm

After returning the stock fork and selling off.
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Old 12-29-21, 08:12 AM
Death fork? Naaaah!!
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Bikes: Seriously downsizing.

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And there are STILL too many bikes in the barn.

You know it's going to be a good day when the stem and seatpost come right out.

(looking for a picture and not seeing it? Thank the Photobucket fiasco.PM me and I'll link it up.)
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And more that went locally. All in all 20 bikes went out the door. I still have a few more to go that will probably move this spring.

Another hard one to let got but...

Wonderful Serotta but the CSI is nicer so I let this one go.

Sorted this one out and passed it on.

This went to the same guy that bought the Giordana Scorpius frame from me.

Another Lemond gone.

My climbing bike but I got a De Rosa in on trade to replace this.

I had two Y-Foils so I let this one go.

Not sold but donated to the local Coop for one of their fundraising events. That was always the plan when I got this one to sort out.
Steel is real...and comfy.
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Some bikes or framesets I buy with the intention of selling them off or giving them away, but these were N - 1 in 2021 that I built up as keepers but ultimately decided to move on:

1982 Holdsworth Special. I did a 660b conversion on this one and thought it might be my Cino bike, but ultimately decided it kinda rode like a pig and could be moved on:

1974 Raleigh International. I’ve owned many Internationals, including a ‘71 that’s been through the Gugificazione process and is a regular rider, but this ‘74 was simply nothing special in terms of ride quality:

Not C&V, but I bought this Rivendell Roadini on a whim when they were on sale and built it up as shown. Ride quality was meh. Definitely holds its resell value!

I bought this Trek hybrid to use as a winter commuter/beater, and we ended up having a mild winter last year, so it didn’t get much use. A good tool for its intended purpose but not a lot of fun to ride.
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Gents bike went to a fellow BF member

The Pug Mixte and the Trek went to a coworker
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working on my sandal tan
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Great idea for a thread! There are a few bikes in our stable that helped us learn what we wanted out of our next bikes, but have gotten zero miles since. Making them go away would be a good project for 2022... I like the idea of having a small but well-loved stable.
Originally Posted by chandltp View Post
There's no such thing as too far.. just lack of time
Originally Posted by noglider
People in this forum are not typical.
RUSA #7498
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Moved this on. If it had been one size smaller I would have kept it.
2014 Cannondale SuperSix EVO 2
2019 Salsa Warbird
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82 Miyata 1000

This was the only bike that I bought just to sell. It was languishing in the local co-op getting banged around and I couldn't take it anymore. It was too large for me, but lesson learned that large size is hard to sell.

It was all stock, and it turned out the pedal threads were bad, so I put on a different crank and pirated the front rack and stock Avocet Touring saddle for myself. I got an insert put in the pedal threads and am now using the SR apex on another bike. Finally after 2-3 months a young guy from 40 miles away came to buy it for a cheap $200 for his first vintage steel bike. I broke even and he gets introduced to vintage riding on a nice example; nice all around.
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Mr. 66
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If there was one that I should have kept it would have been the red Excell Kashmir.

the Diamondback got a fresh wheel build.

This Bianchi went to the owner of the Mean Sandwich Co.

The Miyata went to Canada.

The 560 was a bare frame buy.

The Bottecchia, a bare frame purchase, was sold to a woman with a broken arm.

The buyer of the Kashmir did a most beautiful build.

The Jetta Trek was a bare frame saved from the dump.

Centurion with parts from a purple Schwinn Prelude, not sure where the Schwinn picture is.

My son's campus bike.
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I dont count the 18 bikes I gave away to students as N-1, nor the seven I sold quickly during summer at a loss because I just have no space.

Considering I bought a bargain utility trailer to substitute for a public storage unit, I am obviously going to have to make 2022 an
N-(x+1) year.

Only 7 are sacred at this point.
1987 Crest Cannondale, 1987 Basso Gap, 1992 Rossin Performance EL, 1990ish Van Tuyl, 1980s Vanni Losa Cassani thingy, 1985 Trek 670, 1982 AD SLE, 2003 Pinarello Surprise, 1990ish MBK Atlantique, 1987 Peugeot Competition, 1987 Nishiki Tri-A, 1981? Faggin, Cannondale M500, etc...Need to do an N -1...

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Bikes are okay, I guess.
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Sounds like we also need a thread on the bikes we plan to move out in '22.

This Gitane mixte from the co-op's dumpster was given away to a good home.

The brother of top506 picked it up here but I don't know if the bike has yet reached its ultimate destination, Maine.
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Only two frames will leave the building. One I'll have to bring and the other has got to be picked up.
A Alan-Guerciotti Super Record CX (sold) and a Alan Carbonio MTB Oversize (swapped).

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I sold off this Trek 710. I never really warmed to it. Used the money to help buy my gravel bike.

Originally Posted by Retro Grouch View Post
Fenders protect you from tire splatter. Mudguards protect you from tyre splatter.

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bye bye

Other bikes i didnt have pictures in Imgur of include, a Ironman Master, 2 additional Cannondale Criterium models, Bianchi Pista, Diamond Back Master TG , vintage Diamond Back mountain bikes (2 of them )

S-Works Tarmac -- sold to fund my new mountain bike

3Rensho track pursuit bike

Pinarello Opera

The 2 Cannondales and the Ironman pictured -- also bye bye

Another Cannondale sacrificed to build up my Marin LTD road bike

NOT gone yet, but hanging up in my local shop on consignment

Ciocc - Colubus SL , Campy Victory

Raleigh Competition

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Happy banana slug
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I have several bikes to go, but only one this year. I traded a rusty red '89(?) Hard Rock for a wheel rebuild for my garage queen find '93 Hard Rock step through. I never even took a pic of the red; I intended to clean it up and sell it as a commuter, but instead it sat in the garage for three years. I took the hint.

This leaves the '06 Giant OCR1 with the scratched carbon fork (with or without the replacement fork...?), the '16 Liv Rove (just have to switch back to the stock flat bar and maybe sort out that squishy rear brake), probably the KHS Montana, and likely the nice '87 RockHopper Comp frameset. I'd rather they serve their purpose and be ridden, than let them sit.

This would leave me with the Princess ('92 RockHopper), the '93 Hard Rock, and the Araya. Three nice bikes is an embarrassment of riches.
EDIT: And the Trek 750 that's been a pc frame for too long; need to build that up. Four nice bikes is an embarrassment of riches.
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look566 rider
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What sort of madness, sacrilege is this!!! Getting rid of bikes!

The only reason to STOP getting more bikes is because you don't have room. But then, you just get a bigger place for you stuff!
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Sold my '60 Paramount. The front end was a little too slack for me, and I just didn't ride it much. Hit it off with the buyer, who invited me over for beers and to tour his collection. I was happy it found such a good home.

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