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BikePower 01-13-22 08:17 PM

Any body have or had a Ross Paragon circa 1984?
My first (and probably only) real bike. I had to sell her long ago and wept bitterly at her departure. I saved my pennies and scraped and struggled to get the 500 bucks it sold for back in 83 or 84. All this bike talk has made me nostalgic. I sold it to a my friend Mike "Skeeter" in Wisconsin and I believe he sold it to a guy in Janesville WI or Madison. Past attempts to track it down proved futile so I let it go for many years. It would be great to see some photos and hear some stories and how you like your Ross Paragon pros and cons etc.

BikePower 01-13-22 08:39 PM

Gorgeous hazet!! Thanks for sharing! How do you like it so far?

due ruote 01-13-22 10:49 PM

There may be something in this thread.

BikePower 01-14-22 12:55 AM

Originally Posted by due ruote (Post 22373340)

There may be something in this thread.

That was a great thread very informative. Thanks for that! It turns out the Signature was a higher end bike and the Paragon was an entry level racer. And what a bike it was. Cant imagine a Signature.

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