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RustyJames 01-13-22 10:21 PM

116bcd, 3 hole steel chainrings
Starting off - newb on this topic and yes, I did a search hereÖ

I have a couple of 116bcd 3 hole cranksets that need chainrings. These will be single speed bikes so Iím thinking ~46 teeth. Are these common or am I looking for unicorns?

Usual thanks and hoping that sharing your knowledge will reward you in the afterlife.

nlerner 01-13-22 10:58 PM

Ones like this Nervar ring on eBay are pretty common, though 46t might be hard to find:

Those 3-arm steel cottered cranksets from Stronglight and Nervar were standard on early 70s Raleigh SuperCourse bikes.

JohnDThompson 01-14-22 07:54 AM

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The 3-arm, 116mm BCD pattern was adopted by many manufacturers BITD.

RustyJames 01-14-22 10:07 AM

Thanks JohnDThompson. That chart is exactly what I was looking for.

clubman 01-14-22 12:56 PM

Be aware that there's a couple of different chainring bolt diameters.

bark_eater 01-14-22 02:40 PM

There may be unicorns roaming between 49T and 42T, but its not like baiting bears with stale donuts...

You might find a half step chainset, but make sure the chainrings are individual, and not bolted together.

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