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velocracy 01-14-22 01:32 AM

Vianelli built Marinoni frames - When?
From what I have read within this forum, it seems apparent that Vianelli was contracted to build Marinoni frames. Would anyone here know the period when Vianelli was contracted and/or what might be an distinguishing feature of these frames?


rgvg 01-14-22 10:00 AM

Vianelli? Do you mean Gianelli?

WGB 01-14-22 10:09 AM

Since Marinoni is located in Quebec, perhaps he used Gino Vannelli??



clubman 01-14-22 11:24 AM

Gianella was and is a Montreal West Island race shop who bought frames from Marinoni and others to rebrand as their own. Never heard of Vianelli

Drillium Dude 01-14-22 11:40 AM

Vianelli at Eroicasteel

Vianelli info right here on BF


fabiofarelli 01-14-22 01:19 PM

check this

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