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Schreck83 01-14-22 09:37 AM

Post your 1973 Raleigh serial numbers please
A recent thread on a Raleigh Professional raised a serial number question that Id like to explore with your help.

Prior to 1973, Professionals had serial numbers with a letter followed by 4 numbers, with A indicating 1966, B = 1967, and so on. 1973 should be designated with an H according to this sequence but many A sns have been documented for 1972-3. One possibility is that in 1972 the G series production exceeded 9999 and A was used for the rest of 1972. Others say that A indicates 1973, but I recently bought a 1973 Professional with an H serial number, so they do exist, but are rarely mentioned.

Sometime in 1973 the serial number format changed to use a W prefix, indicating the Worksop location, a second letter indicating the month, and (usually) 7 numbers, the first of which indicates the last digit of the year, so a number WA7001234 would have been made in January 1977.
^ This SN is from a 1976 SuperCourse MkII

The recent thread showed a W serial number with only 6 numbers, the first being 0. The bike is clearly not a 1970 or 1980 model, so it raises the possibility that the W serial number sequence did not include the year designation until the second year of its use, 1974.
1973-74 Raleigh Professional Mk.IV anomalies

So, what do you think? Does anyone have a Raleigh with a serial number that begins with Wm3xxxxxx?

Post your serial numbers for Raleighs likely made in 1973 with either A or H prefixes or W prefixes and let's see what we find.

daka 01-14-22 10:00 PM

1973 Super Course, Capella lugs, Coffee Brown. Serial number 0021563. No letters, just numbers, located on the NDS dropout - not on the bottom bracket.

nlerner 01-14-22 10:55 PM

I’ve owned a few models from 1973 based on the Capella lugs: International, Competition, and SuperCourse. Don’t have them any longer but might have a pic of serial #s. Will check.

nlerner 01-15-22 10:38 AM

Found a pic of the '73 Competition. Serial # A5750:

Jrod721 01-15-22 03:32 PM

Professional Mk.IV, A7310

Schreck83 01-16-22 09:11 AM

Originally Posted by daka (Post 22374636)
1973 Super Course, Capella lugs, Coffee Brown. Serial number 0021563. No letters, just numbers, located on the NDS dropout - not on the bottom bracket.

Thanks! The Grand Prix, SuperCourse and Gran Sports used a different serial number pattern without letters prior to the start of the W.. standard. The Headbadge has a great description of these patterns here:
Raleigh SN's on the Headbadge

There is also a registry of Carlton serial numbers:
Carlton SN Registry

Scanning down the list, I don't see any Wm3xxxxxx format serial numbers.

LarryBSky 01-16-22 06:14 PM

73? Professional
Looks like mine starts with F.​​​​​​

Pcampeau 01-16-22 09:42 PM

Originally Posted by LarryBSky (Post 22376528)

Yours is from 1971

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