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BikePower 01-14-22 10:32 PM

What year and model is this Ross Signature?
Does anyone know what year and model Ross Signature this is?

top506 01-15-22 06:43 AM

Lets see the drive side. I'm betting on 290s, 1984.


T-Mar 01-15-22 08:49 AM

I concur. It appears to have Shimano Z-series shift levers and brakes, which would make it no older than 1984. These parts were upper entry level and in conjunction with a quick release only on the front hub, would point to the bottom 290S model in the Signature series. However, this one has 700C rims, while I believe the 1984 version used 27". So, it may be the 1985 version. A drive photo and the serial number should provide corroboration on both the model and year.

BikePower 01-15-22 11:59 AM

Originally Posted by hazetguy (Post 22374895)
those were the only pics from a now-sold farcebook ad, so no more pics of it.

based on the pics and info from the 1986 catalog i posted here: as well as the '85 catalog available online,
i'm gonna say it's an 85~86 290S, the lowest level of Signature for that year.

so that was a Taiwan built bike?

top506 01-15-22 12:09 PM

Mine was:


BikePower 01-15-22 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by top506 (Post 22375055)

Thanks Top. What was the weight on your bike do you recall? I know my Paragon was 23.9lbs of pure pleasure.

top506 01-16-22 07:22 AM

I never had it on the scales but I'd think around 27lbs.


T-Mar 01-16-22 08:07 AM

Ross' claimed weight for the 1985 and 1986 versions of the 290S was 26 lbs, while their claimed weight for the 1983 Paragon was 23.8 lbs. Of course, this differential is valid only if Ross used the same frame size for their claimed weights over this period. However, looking at the specs, the weight differential seems reasonable.

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