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reissue59 02-17-22 11:36 AM

What is this crank?
Not my pic , from a blury ad

thumpism 02-17-22 11:40 AM

Looks like...

TPL 02-17-22 12:59 PM

Shimano Exage = inexpensive

grant40 02-17-22 07:18 PM

Originally Posted by TPL (Post 22412503)
Shimano Exage = inexpensive

Really? It is pretty decent TBH.

scarlson 02-17-22 08:04 PM

All that midrange '80s stuff was pretty decent, in my experience!

clubman 02-17-22 08:11 PM

The Golden Age of Shimano, From around 87 on, near every mtn group was a solid performer. Even inexpensive ones. (once Uniglide was whittled down)

top506 02-18-22 05:59 AM

Exage 300, often found with the elusive 40t Biopace chainring in 130 BCD.


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