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Harhir 06-07-22 10:31 AM

Thread size of Sachs/SRAM indicator chain?
I am trying to find out the thread size diameter of the indicators chains for the old Sachs/SRAM 3 speed internal hubs. I am talking about the thread which goes into the sliding key inside the hub. According to my thread gauge it is larger than 2mm and smaller than 2.5mm. I assume it is either a 2.2mm 0.45 pitch or a 2.3mm 0.45 pitch. However I cannot find any thread gauges to buy for these two thread sizes to verify. Thanks

Velo Mule 06-07-22 10:39 AM

I am not familiar with Sram three speed hubs. I am wondering if the thread size is the same as Sturmey Archer. It looks similar.

Harhir 06-07-22 10:55 AM

From what I could find online is that the Sturmey Archer uses a different thread. They are not compatible with the Sachs hubs.

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