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tronnyjenkins 06-22-22 11:57 AM

Just before I give them away…
I’m pretty sure these are generic hubs, but just wanted to make double sure before I give them to the local coop.
Anything interesting or worth anything? I’m not able to ship them because I’m moving. Everything must go. Locally. Lol.

Unca_Sam 06-22-22 12:32 PM

Not generic, but ubiquitous for the time. They look like they're alloy Maillard/Normandy high flange hubs.

juvela 06-22-22 02:35 PM



note for example the contour of the shoulder where the dustcap meets the gear block threads on the drive side of the rear fellow

not the way Maillard does it

note the domed/convex outer face of the dustcap on the rear hub

the Maillard rear dustcap presents a flat face

here is a closeup image of the drive side face of a Normandy sport rear hub for comparison -
would expect rear to be Italian thread 36 hole 120mm OLD

original skewers would have likely been either Gnutti or BREV STOP


USAZorro 06-22-22 06:03 PM

I'm guessing Sanshin/Sunshine. Decent hubs, but you're not missing out on a windfall if you donate them.

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